Chances to BU

<p>I'm a rising junior.</p>

<p>I did fairly horrible in Freshmen year.</p>

<p>My grades probably equaled out to a 83-85 unscaled. Based on a 99 point scale in Freshmen Year.</p>

<p>Grades in Sophmore Year probably equaled out to another 83-85 unscaled in Sophmore Year.</p>

<p>For Junior Year, my first term is going to be a 93. Next 3 terms will be a 93, 96/97/97. I know this because I know how to do incredibly well.</p>

<p>Senior Year, I'm hoping to obtain 2, 98 Averages for the First 2 Terms. So that will equal out to an 90 overall average.</p>

<p>I slacked off incredibly lot in Fresh/Soph year, and I'm reaping the reprocussions right now.</p>

<p>In Freshmen Year
-Particapted in Advocating Teens into AntiSmoking, was a job. Proceeded for about 2 months in it, before entire job was layed off.</p>

<p>Only was in about 2 clubs, ACC/ROTC.
For Sports; I ran Cross-Country and Spring Track-Varsity.</p>

<p>During Sophmore Year
-Particpated as a Red Cross, served a few demonstrations across Boston, nothing big.
-Volunterred as member for Salvation Army for only about 15 hours.
-Worked at Victories Supermarket for 3-4 months.</p>

<p>This time; only was in about three clubs, ACC/Debate/Anime
Had three sports; Cross Country/Wrestling/Spring Track</p>

<p>During Junior Year (This Year)
-My first founded club, hopefully will have its first club meeting within 3 weeks, Red Cross Club.
-Ran the school's website.
-Planning to run a huge toy fundraise project for about 300-400 toys.
-Volunteer at Salvation Army for Approx. 500-800 Hours
-Volunteer at Child Day Care for about 200-300 Hours.
-Obtain CPR Certification (Nothing big.)
-Particapte in 6 Trialthons.
-Run 4 marathons. Hopefully; I can clock a 3:30 on my first one to be able to run Boston's.
-President of Red Cross
-Secretary of ACC/TJF
-Get an AP Scholar Award for Passing 5 AP Tests
-Score at 1500 on SATs
-Have about 15 Records of Small Walks, such as extracirculars such as Breast Cancer Walks/Run, etc.
-Executive Leader of Thomas Jefferson
-Manage over 30+ Clubs online, listing all their information and updating it on site, to run over my school.
-Perhaps, if my Red Cross likes me enough, I'll make Executive Board of Boston(main) American Red Cross</p>

<p>Clubs: ACC/TJF/National Honor Soceity/Interact/Debate/Anime/ROTC/Philosophy/Pride Committee
Sports:Spring Track-Varsity</p>

<p>I'm going for 5 4/5's on AP Tests.
I'm going for a 1500 on my SAT.
I'm expecting 5-6 700+ on my SAT 2s.</p>

<p>And I'm thinking about going to BU's Track Team during Winter Season to train with them 2-3 times a week, permitting, I'm good enough for their coach to let me. I'm within the Top 10 fastest of my school, but that's not saying much for my school. Will definalty, finish fastest in my school by the end of Spring Season. (I have a hope that I can break about 3-4 of our school's fastest records (ever).)</p>

<p>I'm also praying if my grades at Bio, support it, and a 5 on AP, and a 5 on SAT'2, I can grab an intership at Novartis.</p>

<p>Senior Year
-I'm hoping Co-Captain/Captain of Varsity Track(however, that doesn't do much since Apps are already in.
-Depending on how well my marathons go, and my training occurs in the summer, to finish my first Ironman Traitlhon. (This is going to be a reach, and require a lot of time, but I think I can make it.)
-I'm going to break every record set on our school's course after training for summer 3.2 mile course. </p>

<p>The question is; will BU accept me? If they do (ignoring just Finicial Need, will they give me based on academic/scholarship?) Thanks!</p>

<p>I forgot to mention;</p>

<p>Freshmen: SS/Math/Science/English - Advanced (Other classes, only had Honors)
Sophmore: SS/Math/Science/English - Advanced (Didn't take Mandarin Advanced)
Junior: SS/Math/Science - Advanced (Skipped a language, decided to take two sciences, one science Advanced class was full. English, I just couldn't do Advanced, wasn't sure if I would do so well with the teacher.)</p>

<p>Perhaps you would consider applying to Tufts as well? I think you can shoot for higher than BU if you show that you have made significant improvement in your HS record.</p>

<p>I'm not going to hope for a miracle, since I'm not going to be ignortant. I will just "make" top10% if not then probably top11%. I am not close to Tufts at all. My class rank, is only about 60/400. I'm incredibly disappointed in myself. My sister whom was 6th didn't make Tufts, so I doubt I can touch it with a ten foot pole :/</p>

<p>you sound like u have a good shot at BU, but dont count your chickens before they hatch...i mean you cant just expect to get A's next semester just because you want to, you know?</p>

<p>I'll take that advice to heart; but there has been one thing that confuses me is how, so many kids here seem to have a 4.0 or a 3.9 GPA. Is that a 98 average overall? I mean that seems so hard but there have been a huge expentence of it as of lately of reading this forum.</p>

<p>Do note that only 72% of the Tufts class is in the top 10%. If you have something to offer, that will shine through. Applying early would help, or so would expressing a great desire to go here. Tufts is known for accepting people that like to be here. Why else would a large chunk of the student body be from early decision?</p>

<p>Reformed and late-blooming academic stars are always desirable. Admissions know that not everyone starts off in high school with a 4.0. People make mistakes, and I don't think you should penalize yourself for something you did in the past. Move forward, and think positively. It doesn't hurt to try.</p>

<p>I was in the same situation as you; however, only my freshmen year was poor. Many colleges love to see someone who has overcome a difficult time or someone who gradually became more motivated and improved significantly. I don't believe it will be too detrimental to your chances, they are pretty forgiving, atleast I hope so! :o</p>

<p>Todd, did you make Tufts then? If so, congrats. Tufts seems like a great choice, but I don't think I'm going to apply ED, since I'm afraid of not recieivng enough finicial aid to be covered. </p>

<p>Who really ever doesn't get Tufts, is the kids that are going to Cornell/MIT, so I think they would probably already know. </p>

<p>Thanks for the replies guys!</p>

<p>i know what u mean...this forum is pretty ridiculous...i know im making a generalization, but many kids here are trying to get into top schools, and most people who apply to top schools have close to perfect gpa's and test scores.
if it makes u feel better, here are my stats:</p>

<p>SATI: 1250 (650V/600M)
SATII: 730 writing, 680 lit.
GPA: 3.33/4 (unweighted); 3.97/5 (weighted)</p>

<p>my ECs arent crazy or anything-- im really involved w/ my church youth group, have a part time job, and a few others....</p>

<p>applied tooooooooooo....
loyola marymount univ.
loyola univ. new orleans (accepted)
univ. of miami (FL)
univ. of vermont (accepted)
providence college
and some others...overall, NOT crazy schools!</p>

<p>just wanted to make u feel better about yourself lol...u still have better scores than i do!
good luck w/ BU</p>

<p>If interested in Boston area schools both Tufts and Holy Cross have better academics than BU.</p>

<p>Thanks, caidrogen.</p>

<p>To be truthful, I'm about 1/2 done with the things on my list. Scored about a 94 average on my first term on Junior. Going for 97 for the last 3. By the end of next term, most of those things up there will be 3/4. </p>

<p>AP test's are my real worry, if I can get about 5 of them down. They don't seem that bad though.</p>

<p>Sadly, I do live in Boston, and I'm aware how great Tufts is, but again, I'd just be wasting my 50 dollars to try to get to that. Only advice I can give to freshmen, is really don't screw up, like I did so badly.</p>

<p>I honestly believe you should give Tufts a shot. The secondary school record is important, but if you describe your circumstances, your passion and your test scores will make up for it.</p>