chances to CSULB, CSUF, and Cal poly pomona

<p>I'm a transfer student from a CC with IGETC completed and missing about 3-5 prereqs for the business major. Currently have a GPA of 3.00. What would be my chances in getting to CSU LB, CSUF, and Cal poly pomona. Thanks</p>

<p>Normally a 3.0 GPA would be high enough to get accepted at a CSU but that might not be the case if the CSU or the major you are applying for is impacted and you do not live in the CSU's service area. I know that CSU LB is impacted and there have been posts by people who are out of CSULB's service area who tried to tansfer there with CCC GPAs well over 3.0 who were rejected. You need to find out if the CSUs you are interested in are impacted and if they are, whether or not you care considered an applicant from their service area.</p>