Chances to get in to University of Pittsburgh

<p>I am about to enter my senior year in high school (NY resident) and intent on getting into the University of Pittsburgh to major in Biology:</p>

<p>GPA- Roughly 97 cumulative</p>

<p>Class Rank- About 20th of 160</p>

<p>SAT- 1210 (610 Critical Reading, 600 Math)
-Will be taking it again in October</p>

<p>APs Taken- 2 Junior Year, 4 Senior Year
SAT IIs- 680 on Biology
- 700 on US History</p>

<p>National Honor Society Member</p>

<p>Member of 2 Varsity Sports</p>

<p>Have Community Service (Roughly 100 hours over the years)</p>

<p>Plan to write optional essay and apply after receiving my scores from SAT in October</p>

<p>youre hovering around the middle of the pack Pitt student
if you break 1300/1850 on your next SAT's you should be fine
they dont require subject test so i dont know if they'll even evaluate them but yours look decent so send them in if you can</p>

<p>however if youre going into the science/engineering/pre-med you better step it up alot these programs are much more comepetitive than the rest of pitt's majors</p>

<p>i dont know how being out-of-state will affect you but i dont see it being a plus or negative</p>

<p>try to add a couple more EC's too if possible a club or two to show your involved</p>

<p>haha hey worst comes to worst you get deffered to a branch campus but its unlikely
hoped this helped</p>

<p>Get those SAT scores up, and you should be fine. Assuming your not applying as a neuroscience/premed, you're middle-of-the-pack already.</p>

<p>Do you think if I don't post what my intended major will be, it will improve my chances?</p>

<p>most school do not like undecided people so no it will not improve it will either do nothing or hurt you
they want to fill spots in their programs knowing exactly how the numbers will flow
but to give the other side of that Pitt is quite a large school and doesnt need to crunch as many numbers
my strong advice is atleast pick a general topic ex. - math - science - english - arts - ect... so the colleges you apply to know you have atleast put some thought into your future education</p>

<p>I have aspirations to get into Pitt and hope to make it happen somehow</p>

<p>You're good :)</p>

<p>Your scores need to be a little higher for the Honor's college, but other than that I'd say you'll be okay :)</p>

<p>The SAT score average for Pitt for 2010-11 (fall paid-admits, so it may change) is 1274 and 51% are in the top 10% of their high school class. Your stats are probably good enough, although they seem to be in the bottom half of Pitt students. You are probably ok, but any improvement wouldn't hurt especially to improve your chances for scholarships, etc.</p>

<p>Hey sooo i know i am taking over butt
what about me...</p>

<p>SAT math: 680
CR: 470 !!!!
WRITING: 610</p>

<p>AP bio, AP psych, AP stat, AP chem... and rest all of the classes are honors.
GPA: 3.1 unweighted
weighted: 5.0 </p>

<p>STudent government, soccer, LOTS of volunteering nad showing experience, awards and etc</p>

<p>SO what are my chances of PITT? i am retaking my SAT in october..
soo do i have to tell pitt to not look at my application untill i retake my SAT?</p>

<p>I think it is a reach because although your GPA is high your test scores do not match. They do not like unbalanced stats, it's a sign that your school is easier compared to other schools</p>

<p>yea I am going to take over again haha.</p>

<p>chances for the honors college?
SAT- 1450 (770 math 680 CR)
ACT- 34 Composite (36 math 34 CR)<--ill probably just send this</p>

<p>good ec's an essay and two solid letters of rec</p>

<p>Vikings, based on your SAT/ACT scores, you should be automatically accepted into the Honors College. The "official" requirements are a 1400 SAT (32 composite ACT equivalent) and a ranking within the top 5% of your high school class. In the past, I've heard that they've been a little lenient with class ranks if the test scores meet the criteria.</p>

<p>Here are the requirements for eligibility:
[url=<a href=""&gt;]Eligibility[/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>