Chances to get into any top-20 universities?

I am a junior student from China, SAT 1470(640+800), Toefl 102. Sophormore GPA 3.95. This year would get probably two A- or B. I would have taken 10 AP courses in total next year. I am planning to study computer science.

I didn’t do many activities about CS, but planning to carry out a computer science project this year.

I did some competitions though, I’ve just got qualified for gold now in USACO, and last year my team got a National Second Prize in CTB(a research competition for Chinese), my AMC score was bad last year, but now I am steadily getting about 115 for AMC 12.

Thanks for anyone who would give a response.

I would recommend 1 more SAT to get it over 1500.

A lack of major activities before senior year related to your potential major might hurt your chances. Plus other Chinese students may have more breadth/depth in their ECs as well higher standardized scores. Also do you need significant financial aid?

I would suggest that you prepare for the Gaokao as well and consider grad school in the US if you can get funded.