Chances to get into JSA Summer School? @ Princeton for International relations

<p>I am currently a sophomore in high school. My GPA is not that hot, around a B- (86)</p>

<p>However...I am VERY accomplished when it comes to extracurricular activities. </p>

<p>-I have interned with a well know human rights organization.
-I am an active participant in my high school's Speech and Debate team, where I have been state champion in the event of Oratorical Declamation for two consecutive years. This year I have also been state champion in the event of Poetry. I received my school's Speech and Debate Award, last school year, given to one person on the Speech and Debate team who has shown exemplary talent in competition.
-I have also been apart of my school's Mock Trial team for two years.
-I have also been an active participant in my schools Unity Project or Student Leadership Project, which is a program run by the Center for Preventing Hate to bring awareness to bullying, harassment and bias in Maine schools.
-I am the president of the Class or 2013
-I am also one of three student representatives for the School Committee.
-I was awarded with the Leadership Award last year, given to four individuals in each class who show outstanding leadership ability.
-I have also started the Somali Youth Organization. I am an URM and I am very active in my community.</p>

<p>Sooooooo what are my chances? :/</p>

<p>I'm going to International relations this year too, though at Georgetown.
You should be fine, from what I heard, they accept almost everyone.
The only problem could be costs/financial aid since they evaluate it based on need and merit combined. But since you have lots of achievements, you should be good.
Hope you have a great time there.</p>