Chances to get into UCLA or UCSD???

<p>would appreciate it, and if possible, even a recommendation to what you believe is the best school I could get into.</p>


<p>Weighted: 4.37 (w/o senior year)</p>

<p>soph 1st: 3.67 ( had reconstructive back surgery this semester, put it in my personal statement, I believe they still put it into consideration though :( )
soph 2nd: 4.167
junior 1st: 4.67
junior 2nd: 5.0
senior 1st: 4.67</p>

<p>UW: 3.82 (w/o senior year)</p>

<p>SAT= 2070</p>

<p>CR: 690
M: 710

<p>SAT Subject
Math II: 670
Biology: 750</p>

<p>500 hours of community service</p>

<p>various clubs (peer leaders, invisible children)</p>

<p>I did sports freshmen year</p>

<p>Commended by NMSQT </p>

<p>AP classes taken:
AP physics C
AP environmental science
AP biology
AP chemistry
AP U.S. history
AP European history
AP Calc A/B
AP Psychology
English 3AP
English 4AP</p>

<p>and I've taken 5 other classes that were honors, some of them weighted.</p>

<p>Another important fact to take into consideration is that i'm neither white nor Asian, i'm middle eastern, so I don't know if that will give me extra benefits as well.</p>

<p>Wow you have a much higher chance than me. I say UCSD is a match and UCLA is a high match. I think your essays will be the deciding factor for LA. </p>

<p>please chance me too <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>