Chances to Peddie, Exeter or Andover?

<p>I'm an international student who is going to apply to Peddie, Exeter and Andover, 11th Grade. Currently I am already taking 11th Grade in a private school in US (repeat for better college preparation). Can you help to chance? (sorry for my poor English)</p>

SSAT: 2190 (90%)
TOEFL: 104.
GPA: My school uses weighted GPA and my first grading period GPA is 4.1, or 3.65 converted to Peddie's calculation method.
Activities: I don't have many extracurricular activities in the past few years. I have been participating a programming competition for seven years and several prize in the city's and national level, plus one English competition. The Model U.N., Friends of Rachel, and French Clubs are three clubs I am in this year but we meet for only once a month (so I don't think it helps much).
Recommendation: I am not sure. My English teacher (IB Humanities) seems to like me but not sure about my math teacher. For the recommendation questions on transcript filled by my counselor, I am kind of worried, because I think it freaked him out the first month when I almost visit him every day trying to change the courses I take.</p>

<p>Good, but the application as a whole would look a lot better if you had some more EC's.<br>
Could you look at my chances post?</p>