chances to pharmacy programs

<p>quite puzzled after reading threads regarding the whole pharmacy admission process</p>

<p>i think i have exaggerated about making choices at this time, but it's always more secure to have a precise list of schools</p>

<p>should i focus more on writing my essay, preparing for applications, or my lists of schools now</p>

<p>like i just visited st. john's today, all the programs like study abroad, freshman passport, a semester in three different foreign cities all sound great, but the campus seems a bit too plain and dead - the buildings all look ancient (forgive me exaggeration). I know it's a metropolitan university and i shouldnt anticipate it to be ones like syracuse or cornell's, but im going to spend 6 years there....</p>

<p>rutgers is kinda far for me to drive to now (my dad is always away) and taking public tranportaiton is nearly impossible 2 hours plus half an hour walking, no way</p>

<p>but according to wat i heard, it's not bad</p>

<p>also northeastern and rhode island seem appealing now, but leaving home to new environments sometimes worry me (pressure of work, adn pressure of life - of having to get used to work and live, idk) st. john is less challenging coz ill always have the option of living with my parents, but i have wanted to be independent, so much to think about its hard to focus sometimes</p>

<p>btw 1340 sat never thought about teh act (should have considered, too lazy to prepare now)</p>

<pre><code> 710 sat math 1 690 sat chem

<p>ap chem 4 ap us 4</p>

<p>gpa weighted or unweighted no idea but the cumulative one is 99.3</p>

<p>lots of hours at a nursing home, wanted to volunteer at a hopsital over the summer but too late, no work or intern experiences (are those crucial?) </p>

<p>without many titles like captain or president or semi-finalist </p>

<p>fencing and handball as sports (ppl told me to keep fencing but stilll switched to handball)</p>

<p>want to apply for fall 2011</p>