Chances to transfer from CC to UNC Charlotte?

<p>So far I've attended a 2 year community college for 1 semester. I got one A and two Bs, and then a prereq math class is pass/fail. Since I have under 24 transferable credit hours, they have to look at my highschool transcript. I do not meet their average freshman GPA or SAT score. My weighted GPA was 3.3 and unweighted was 3.0. My SAT score was 1390.</p>

High School Grade Point Average Middle 50% Range 3.4 to 4.0
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) – Middle 50% Range 1480-1730</p>

<p>Why the big rush to transfer? Community college classes are cheap and transfer to most schools like UNC. I advocate more than 1 year at CC and building up your GPA. Don't do P/F either...that works if you're already admitted into a 4 year school, but doesn't look good (or sometimes even count) when transferring.</p>