Chances to transfer to new paltz

Hi, i am a current freshman looking to transfer to new paltz for the fall 2019 semster
my gpa for high school was 3.5/4 and i got a 1190 on the SAT
My college grades were a 3.7/4 first semester freshman year from SUNY Oneonta and I am currently enrolled at St. John’s because i transferred from Oneonta but my grades will not be complete by the transfer deadline for New Paltz but i expect the St. John’s grades to be 2-2.5/4. Is it possible to get accepted without sending my St. John’s Transcript and if so/ if not what are my chances getting into new paltz

You’ll likely be admitted to New Paltz. Your admission will be contingent upon you submitting your St. John’s grades, once those grades are final. It’s unlikely that New Paltz will rescind you for your St. John’s grades, but if there’s anything that you can do to end up there more on the 2.5 end of things than the 2.0 end of things, that’d be a good idea, just to be surer that you won’t face any issues. Can you withdraw from your worst class, for example?

Because your St. John’s grades won’t be final when you apply to New Paltz, you won’t need to send them your St. John’s transcript until after you’re admitted to NP. For you, this is a very good thing.