Chances to transfer to USF

<p>Hello I currently go to a state school in Pennsylvania. I'm wondering my chances for transferring to South Florida for the fall 2014 term. I'm also 22 years old and didn't enroll in college until 21</p>

<p>My stats
Horrible high school gpa 1.8 (never cared to try and this was years ago)</p>

<p>SATS 1090 (550 math) (540 reading)</p>

<p>My current college gpa is 3.33 and after the spring semester it should be a 3.5 or better</p>

<p>Classes (took 18 credits/ 6 classes a semester) which is a heavy workload </p>

<p>Math 105- B
Intro to theater- A
Health (something) - A
Intro the business- B
Cities of the World - B
European history - B</p>

<p>This semester my current grades are</p>

<p>Math 110- B
Microeconomics- A
Macroeconomics- B
Comp lit - A
World religion - A
English 101 - A</p>

<p>I realize my high school transcript will bring me down, nothing I can do about it now. I've definitely changed my outlook on school since then. </p>

<p>Please don't be rude just give me an honest answer for my chances. Thank you</p>