Chances to UMD College Park

My name is Adam Szekeres. I will be a high school senior in September. I am attending Walter Johnson High School which is on of the best public high schools in MD. I would love to go to UMD cuz its my dream school.
I have a 3.6 unweighted gpa and a 4.25 weighted gpa. I got a 30 on the ACT.
I also have 248 SSL hours. I am the president of the international club and treasurer of the Start-up club and member of Amnesty International and Esol Honors Society. I also own my own start-up actually 2 which are in the developing stage. I also co-created several apps which are on the Appstore. I got 3 recommendations from my english, math, and esol teacher and will get one from my business mentor. I would like to get admitted to the business program but letters and sciences would be amazing too. I am international student but lived in the USA for 4 years now cuz my dad is a diplomat. I have traveled to many countries and experienced many new cultures. I mostlz took APs and Honors courses. I got a 4 on the Ap World exam and a 3 on the AP NSL and planning to take AP Psych and Comparative government and will try to get a 4-5 on both.
Please help me cuz i am freaked out.

I would say it is a match!