Chances- U.S student living in Pakistan

<p>I'm going to start out by saying that everyone in this country is extremely competitive regarding ivy league schools, namely because being Pakistani and not being able to pay full tuition for college are two major setbacks.
I am a U.S citizen and moved to Pakistan in 2007 just in time for High School. I was put in the British system of O and A levels.
I am currently in AS (equivalent to junior year)
-in my final O levels i received 3 A's (english, literature, french) 3 B's (Islamiat, Biology, Economics) 1 C (modern world history- i have type 1 diabetes and was sick the day of the exam) and 1 E (Math)</p>

<p>-Wrote for the Royal Commonwealth competition and was Highly Commended
-Won second place at the annual school science fair
-Part of the debating team, qualified to participate in inter-scholastic debates
-ran track since age 12 but school did not offer the sport so it became a hobby</p>

<p>My father had passed away when i was giving these exams. i know it's not a valid excuse, because at the time i was not determined as well and did not prepare for any of my exams.</p>

<p>AS LEVEL:</p>

<p>-just given my AS final exams (economics, math, Literature) but im pretty sure i did badly, i didn't prepare thinking i didn't want to go to college
-During school, i would hardly go to classes besides Literature because it was the only subject i liked. My expected grade in Literature is an A-star (98%)
- mock result: A A B (Literature Economics Math respectively)</p>

<li>Co-editor of School newspaper</li>
<li>member of publications team (school events) </li>
<li><p>written for Literary Magazine</p></li>
<li><p>I speak three languages fluently: English, French, Urdu
-studied Chinese for a year
-currently studying Spanish independently </p></li>

<p>-My guidance counselor in the beginning of the year said i was "Oxford, Cambridge material" assuming i wanted to apply to the U.K.
this was before my grades fell</p>

<p>This summer i have an internship at a photographic-journalism program, have signed up for two theatrical workshops, signed up for an MUN conference, co-producing a documentary, am going to participate in a program to help estranged women and children in the northern areas of Pakistan.</p>

<p>I was never interested with college or studying until now. I will be re-taking the exams that I've done poorly in and will focus all of my energy in the next year into shaping my academic life in order to get into a college like Princeton. </p>