Chances @ UCLA, UCB, NDU, USC

<p>I recently took the SAT and got a 1350 (720 M, 630 V)
SAT II: 790- US History
740- Math IIC
640- Writing (taking again)
AP: 5 US History
3 Physics B
GPA: 3.75 unweight top 5% in high school
4.2 UC GPA
EC: Founded two clubs (Freedom's Answer and JSA both political clubs)
Two summer programs (Junior State of America and Foundation for Teaching Economics) in UC Davis and Chicago.
300 hours at hospital
100 hours elementary school
50 hours others
CSF- 3 years
Rotary Club-3 years
Baseball-3 years
Governor's Scholarship, Golden State AWards (Bio, Geo, Alg.)
Technology award</p>


<p>What are chances @ UCLA, UC Berkeley, Notre Dame, USC</p>

<p>u have better stats than me, and u are applying to the same schools as be honest, we are both just as probable as anyone else to get into ucla or ucb......</p>


<p>UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
Notre Dame: Safe Match (?)
USC: Match</p>

<p>Flopsy's perspective is a bit optimistic, Berkeley and LA are getting to be far more difficult due to the increasingly large number of applicants. I'd say you have a good chance at all of these schools if you write good essays, but all your schools are by no means safe bets and the 2 UCs are by no means matches for anyone. I'm sure you'll get into at least one of those schools. Good luck.</p>