Chances @ UCLA, UCB, USC, NDU

<p>I just took the SAT I and got a 1350 (720 M, 630 V). I've taken the SAT II with a 790 (US Hist), 740(Math IIC), and a 640 (Writing, taking again). I'm from CA and have a 3.75 unweighted and a 4.2 UC GPA. I passed the US History AP with a 5 and Physics B with a 3. I have lots of ec, founded some clubs, and done a couple summer programs. What are my chances at UCLA, Berkeley, Notre Dame, and USC?</p>

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<p>btw ur gonna have to be more specific about "some club" and stuff. its all about specificity</p>

<p>the clubs i founded were Freedom's Answer and Junior State of America (JSA) both political clubs. The summer programs I attended were JSA @ UC Davis and FTE (Foundation for Teaching Economics) in Chicago.</p>