Chances? UCs and a few CSUs. Nursing/ pre-med

It’s been difficult for me to gauge everything based on the numbers because my stats fall all over the place.


My stats:
4.14 W, 3.85 UW
1540 SAT
SAT Math II: Haven’t taken yet, definitely 760+
SAT Lit: Haven’t taken yet, definitely 760+
AP’s: World History (3), Calc AB (5), Lit (5), Gov, Econ, Stats, Biology (all yet to take) and two community college classes (both A’s)
School: Public, CA, Female and Asian
Rank: like 120/700, but our rank is merely unweighted, so probably doesn’t matter much

-Competitive dancer for 11 years, won over 15 state competitions
-Taught free classes at ^ academy for free for 3 years, led that team to state champions as well x5
-Founded school’s chapter of a national religious/service organization. Acting president for three years, leading consistent service events.
-NHS member for 2 years.
-250+ hours as a hospital intern, 500+ hours as a camp counsellor, 50+ hours free tutoring.
-Co-founder and instructor in a non-profit teaching free fitness lessons to local mothers. (50+ hours)
-Cultural drum (6 years), hold multiple awards from an internationally-recognized institution, predominantly male
-Taught 30+ hours of free lessons of ^ to elementary-aged children.
-Guitar (2 years), singing (lessons and choir member for 5 years)
-Officer of school’s cultural club and school dance captain for 3 years.
-Getting a job this summer.

Essay topics;
-Being homosexual. A big one for me as it plays a role in where I go to college and the possibility of me becoming independent from my family soon.
-Suffering from depression for 5 years: my recovery, and the stigma in my community surrounding mental illness.
-The death of a family member who raised me, and how this relates to my attraction to the medical field.

Sorry for the huge post and if i posted in the wrong place. I just need to see if I’m on the right track. Thank you all in advance.

Also, a national merit finalist i think.

I was a 4.3 and 2150 applying last year to the UC’s and currently attending UC Berkeley. Based on your test scores and GPA, you should get into all the CSU’s and the majority of the UC’s. While your experience and test scores are well above average, in order to get a lock to UCLA and UC Berkeley, work to get your weighted GPA up a little bit. If it remains the same, you are still in a very good position and are very competitive as it stands now.

Thank you so much! I don’t think my GPA can change much, unfortunately. Do you think i have a shot at UCSD?

@BingBong284 Thank you so much! I don’t think my GPA can change much, unfortunately. Do you think i have a shot at UCSD?

Yes, I think I would say that you have a good shot at getting accepted to UCSD.