Chances (UCs/USC/CMU)

<p>Asian Male
Income < $40k/yr
GPA - Will probably be about ~3.9-4.0 weighted at the end of this year. (not counting freshmen year, had Ds and Fs so class rank is bad)
Huge upward trend - Sophomore year 3.6-3.8, junior year 4.0 - 4.2</p>

<p>SATs: 2230 (750 CR, 760 M, 720 W)
SAT IIs: Haven't taken yet, but they will most likely be average (650-700, maybe a little higher)</p>

-Botball team: 7th grade (fourth overall, first seeding vs. high school students), 11th grade (expecting to win something this year). I also mentor the middle school kids in their botball team.
-Intel Science Fair: Robotics project, expecting to qualify for internationals this year, will be competing again next year. (This takes up 75% of my spare time, it is a REALLY big project)
-UH Summer Internship at Autonomous Systems Lab (underwater robotics)
-Website admin for my parent's company
- 4 years trumpet
- 2 years piano
- 1 year SAT tutor</p>

<li>I have also spent a substantial amount of time self-learning a variety of technology-based skills, such as graphic design, html, css, c++, and basic, but I don't know if those count/are worth anything since they are more like hobbies.</li>

<p>No community service at all.
Recs will probably be average (for USC/carnegie mellon), essays will be good.</p>

<p>Taking 2 APs this year, 4 APs next year, along with some community college courses.
Intended major: Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering</p>

<p>Chance me for:

<p>also, if you can:
Carnegie Mellon

<p>Since you're OOS and your GPA is slightly weak, I'd say:</p>

<p>Berkeley: reach
UCLA: slight reach - reach
UCSD: slight reach - high match
UCI: match
CMU: match
USC: match</p>