CHANCES: UVA, UNC, Rice, Wake, Tulane, Miami, W+M,

<p>Caucasian Jewish Male from New York
ACT: 31 (1st time...hopefully raise)
SAT2: 700 Math 1, 720 USH, 730 Biology
PSAT: 201 (NMSQ Rec)
GPA: 3.956 unweighted, 4.200 Weighted
Schedule: After completing senior year, I will have had taken 7 or 8 AP classes (Euro 4, US, Biology, Physics B, Calc BC, Compostion, Literature and possibly US Gov/Spanish)</p>

<p>EC: Varsity Soccer for 2 Years
Tutoring at Guidance for 4 years
Various Fundraising and Charitable Events (Volunteering at Lymphoma Drive, Tourettes Event 2x, Autism Event 3x, Volunteering at Hospital
Clubs: In Varsity Club 4 years, Jr. Scope (Grade Rep/Treasurer) 4 years, Editor for School Newspaper, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society</p>

<p>I am looking for scholarships and Honors Programs, and will most likely be Pre-Med. I prefer some Jewish percentage, but not too high or too low (5-20%). I would like D1 sports. Any other possibilities could be recommended as well...</p>


<p>Get your ACT up to 32+ and you will get an excellent merit scholarship from Tulane and offer for the Honors program. You will get a nice offer anyway, but 33 or 34 really cements a top offer. You should try the SAT also. Tulane is about 25% Jewish, if that matters to you. I think the same applies for Miami, except I don't know how many Jewish kids are there. As far as the other schools, you should be OK at Wake, while the remainder are certainly possible, but one cannot predict with certainty at these particular schools. You ourstanding GPA certainly is a big plus. Do you know your class rank?</p>

<p>My school doesn't rank, but I can easily say top 10%, and possibly top 5% as well.</p>