Chances- UVA, W&M, BU, Georgetown

<p>Hey, hoping to get into UVA, William and Mary, Boston University, and Georgetown. </p>

School: Public
Gender: Female
Race: Mexican American
GPA: 4.0/4.54
Rank: 7/429</p>

<p>SAT: 1380/2130 (M: 580, R: 800, W: 750)</p>

<p>Intended Major: History</p>

Model Judiciary
Literary Magazine Editor
Writing Workshop Founder/President
National Honor Society
Interact Club<br>
Course Load:
AP US History, AP European, AP Spanish, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Econ
5 5 2 </p>

<p>6 Years of Spanish</p>

Within my school only- Student of the Year in 7 subjects over 3 years</p>

<p>William and Mary and BU are slamdunk safety schools for you. Georgetown and UVA are match/low reach schools. your mexican american heritage should be a hook to get you in though</p>

<p>Thanks. I am pretty secure in UVA and W&M because I am Virginian, so I am just hoping that I can get a reasonal financial/merit aid package at Georgetown and Boston. I am hoping to go to a school that will offer a really strong history program. Georgetown just makes me nervous because I would hate to get in and then not afford it.</p>

<p>I've visited both Gtown and BU, and BU seems to have much better financial aid packages. Also, I've met with a history professor at both schools, and the one at Gtown blew me off, while the one at BU took about 20 minutes after the class we sat in on to talk with me about the programs offered at BU and just talk in general. just my experience. good luck!</p>

<p>It doesnt matter that she is way below the 25% on her Math SAT?</p>

<p>I am planning on taking the SAT again, after I take my SAT II's this October. I think if I study this time- probably should have cracked my book open last time- I can get my Math up to a range that's a little more acceptable, but I think I would be pretty happy if it hit about 620</p>

<p>That's not way below 25%...that's at about 50%</p>

<p>Best chance is probably applying as early as possible @ BU. Youd have a great chance of getting into UNI.</p>

<p>Math is low, but she's a prospective history major. And look at her AP scores for social sciences, and look at her SAT CR and W scores. It would be different if she were applying as a math major. IMHO.</p>

<p>YHO is completely legit/correct</p>