chances w/art hook?

<p>I figure you guys know this best so here you go, any comments appreciated!!:</p>

<p>SATI: 700 verbal, 680 math (1380)
SATII: 800 writing, 650 bio, 680 iic</p>

<p>Courses Jr. Year:
AP Bio, AP art history, French, English, Digital Photography independent, Stat/Pre-Calc
Sr. Year:
AB (an AP) Calc, French, Two English electives, AP Photo, (accelerated) Physics, and Journalism (a requirement if you're on the newspaper)
My GPA approx. a 3.6, our school doesn't rank but I got "High Distinction" </p>

Founder and ed in chief of an online photo gallery (the first successful publication, I'm told, in over 25 years, I also got an "faculty commendation," like an award, for it)
Editor on the literary/arts magazine
Photo editor of the award-winning school paper
Varsity Crew (captain) First boat for two years, coxing for four years
80 hrs of community service
School intensive photography trip to Tuscany
Documentary Photography team for the school
Give tours for the school
I also worked as a studio assistant this summer with a professional photographer
BU Racing Camp (crew)
Summer educational travel with a major in Art History Minor in Architecture
Art intensive camp: Major in Photography Minor in Metalworks</p>

<p>a lot of the ec's didnt make it onto the penn app though b/c there were only a few slots, I just the photo stuff (minus the camps) and crew. essays were good. i liked them, but my 217 was a little different, unorthodox. my college advisor rec will be great, the other two, pretty good. also getting a rec from Penn's head of photo. should have two interviews by dec 10 (legacy and regular) hooks: (obviously)art/photo and double legacy. thanks for your help all!!</p>

<p>bump? ps, a story: my postcard saying they couldnt find my app fee (turned out to be a misunderstanding) was sent to california, then some other nice applicant forward it to me. wow. that couldve been bad.</p>

<p>First you should of typed up a reference/add-on to the EC list, because you are heavy on EC. But what's done is already done. There still might be hope for you if you want to submit more stuff. Send them a letter with the reference and explain your position.</p>

<p>I think your academic areas is strong enough, so you still have a fairly good chance. If you are going into an art program then your chance will skyrocket, but if you are going for..... I don't know, let's say Wharton, than your chance will go down.</p>

<p>thanks for your help, nfs!! going for the visual studies(art history/cognition/studios) major. a lot of the ec stuff was one time only, so that's why I didnt do an extra sheet, do you still think i should try and send something along? any other thoughts?</p>

<p>You should definitely submit a separate sheet with your extra-curricular activities. I think you have a solid shot with the art hook. Are you applying early?</p>

<p>yup! to the college, how do I go about submitting a separate sheet? should there be some sort of letter to "whom it may concern" and whatnot?</p>