chances + williams careers

<p>Hi 2 weeks ago this woman from williams came to my school and i fell in love with this college.
But ive been reading its really hard to get in anyhow ive got pretty good grades, A and Bs im from Peru and my school doesnt have GPA . </p>

<p>im in top 1/3 i dont know if any better, my school doesn't publish ranks </p>

<p>i havent done SATs but ill do them next year, </p>

<p>ive been on a swimming team like 8 years ive gone to nationals and have 2 national records but for relays. Ive also won best swimmer in inter schools
Ive also done Karate for like 5 years but i got out like 2 years ago, ive done optimist too. </p>

<p>I want to study medicine, but i want to do like a science career and then get into med school - is that possible?</p>

<p>I like research science ive gone to the jungle for biology experiments once and ill be going again in may again.
Ive done like 2 years of social work </p>

<p>im doing ib - with some of the hardest courses, bio chem and math higher - </p>

<li>also on other matters, ive heard a lot about internships but i dont think there are any on peru any idea on how to get them? - i know this off topic but i really really want one - </li>

<p>and all my classes are in english so i wouldnt have any trouble it - i also know french and i just started learning German</p>


<p>Hard to assess your chances without any sort of standardized test scores or any sense of how competitive your school is. Your swimming may be a tremendous help -- definitely contact the Williams coach. The women's team at Williams is outstanding, and generally finishes in the top four nationally at the Division III tournament. Science and pre-med classes are some of Williams' greatest strengths. Being international may help, as Williams has really been working to expand its international campus presence (as evidenced by recently decision to go to need-blind aid for internationals, one of only five US colleges or universities to do so). My advice -- get in touch with the swimming coach asap and let them know your times, and try to see if they can help gauge your admissions chances.</p>

<p>my school is pretty competitive, but its got british examinations IGCSEs and IB - The teacher who handles SAT has told me i could probably get a 1400 in SAT1 without much trouble, and the few students who have done SAT2 tests have had pretty good results - if the top is 800 then 700+ and if the top is 700 then its 600+ but right now i dont remember which one of the two. </p>

<p>thanks for everything :)</p>