Chances.... with a blemished record.

My weighted GPA is a 4.0 but I have a huge blemish on my transcript- A “D” in APUSH. I was straight A’s otherwise last year and mostly As with a few Bs other years. My ECs are decent but not extraordinary, my ACT is a 30 (waiting on the July score to come out, hoping it went up a few points). I’ve shown demonstrated interest in all these schools by visiting them. I’m a strong writer in a writing intensive magnet program so I expect my essay will be well regarded. Financial aid not an issue. I’m worried my poor performance in APUSH may ruin my chances.

Colleges interested in-

New College of Florida
Agnes Scott

Its going to be a little harder but don’t sweat over it. The colleges that you listed above are not Ivies, and most colleges won’t mind if you have one blemish (that is if you’re not going for a history major). Of course, you can’t deny that a D in APUSH is a problem, but if you have taken the AP test, you can show the score from that test to redeem yourself partially. You still have a chance for all of the colleges that you listed above. Good luck!

new college of Florida and Eckerd will be no problem , I personally know people with bellow a 2.0 that have been admitted to those schools.

Agnes Scott and Guilford also no problem.

If you like Agnes Scott you may also want to consider Hollins and Bryn Mawr
If you like New College you might also consider Hampshire or Sarah Lawrence
If you like Eckerd you might also consider Santa Clara or Mils
If you like Guilford, you might also consider Pitzer, Hampshire, Earlham (the first two because they are consortium schools and the last because the feel is similar) or Mt. Holyoke.
You also may want to consider Hendrix.

Thank you both of you! Its good to know the range can be wide lilpeepflgirl, I saw NCF average GPA is 4.03 so figured a D would be a big flashing red mark.

I’ll look into those dustyfeathers. I have actually researched MHC but I think its a reach for me. I want to stay on the east coast so that limits me from some of those chools too. Some of those schools I have’t looked at, at all yet and I’ll do so asap!