Chances With New SAT Score!

<p>You know the drill! Thx.</p>


<p>Eth: Asian
Sex: Male
State: NJ
Grade: Junior
Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry, or Biology; possibly economics
School: Very Competitive (Last year 3 to Princeton, this year 3 to MIT)</p>

<p>Estimated Frosh/Soph/Junior GPA: </p>

<li>UW - 3.85; W - 4.19</li>

<p>Estimated Soph/Junior GPA:</p>

<li>UW - 3.89; W - 4.33</li>

<p>*GPA estimates based on current 1st semester grades in junior year. Assume accuracy to +/- 0.05. </p>


<p>School doesn't rank, probably top 5% of class of 700; I believe grade deflation in classes accounts for my low GPA yielding a decent rank (which is a trend I've noticed in previous graduating classes).</p>

<p>AP's (Total of 10):</p>

<li>Physics B (4)</li>
<li>Chemistry (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>Calculus BC (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>English Language and Composition (Taking, Maybe 4-5)</li>
<li>Computer Science A (Taking, Probably 5)</li>
<li>Biology (next year)</li>
<li>Art History (next year, required aka being forced into it)</li>
<li>Economics (next year)</li>
<li>Statistics (next year)</li>
<li>English Literature (next year)</li>


<p>PSAT: 226
SAT: M - 800; CR - 740; W - 800; T - 2340 (1540)
SAT IIs: Taking: Chem, Math II, and possibly Bio or Lit</p>

Counselor - Awesome: I had an interview with her had some flattering comments on my personality.
Teachers - One good from Eng more about personality (not the highest eng grade in class unfortunately, running a low A-: I'm told however that I'm one of the top students in the class). One awesome from AP Chem teacher.
Supplemental - Either another teacher very familiar with me or JSA advisor (who is very fond of me). Also prof from Rutgers who was my research mentor (which should be awesome).</p>


<p>NJ Science League
- Partipant 10th-11th
- Competitive Testing in Chem I
- Qualifying Test followed by Regional Test each month from Jan. - Apr.
- Qualified last year in Chem I, but not in Chem II this year :(</p>

<p>NJ Chemistry Olympics
- Competition in chemistry entered in year of AP Chem (11th)
- Club meets every week from Jan. to competition day in May
- Two-person group writing research paper on chemical process</p>

<p>Medical Careers Club
- Member 10th - 11th
- Reasonably involved; designed a lengthy PP presentation on the difficulties of pursuing a medical career to bring some reality into the picture (lol, it's funny how so many freshmen/sophs come into the club with overly glamorous opinions about medicine; I guess I mighta been that way too though :)). Anyway, I enjoy presenting to audiences and the people appreciated what I had to say so it's all good. </p>

<p>Science Competitor's Club
- Member 10th - 11th
- Officer 11th
- Random science competitions; not much in terms of results.</p>

<p>Junior Statesmen of America
- Member 9th - 11th
- Club Officer 11th (I write our daily resolutions, occasionally moderate debates, and speak frequently)
- New Jersey Region Cabinet Member 11th (write debates on state level for regional conventions)
- Significant involvement in politics/oratory = my other passion besides science. </p>

<p>March of Dimes
- Member 10th - 11th
- Volunteer hours and fundraising
- Tedious but rewarding process = soliciting funds; selling tickets; organizing large-scale cultural show. </p>

<p>Genetics Research
- Summer of 2007; going back 2008
- 8 hrs/day, 5 days/wk for ~6-8 wks
- Research conducted with drosophila melanogaster; focused on determining the use of RNAi in restricting cancerous overgrowth caused by genetic mutations.
- Personally, this is my favorite activity; I'm in love with research and that's part of the reason I'm considering medicine.</p>

- 5 yrs
- Not incredibly proficient</p>

<p>Community Service
- ~ 300 hrs
- Local hospital, senior center, and March of Dimes</p>

<p>Rec Tennis
- 8 yrs
- 3 hrs on Saturdays
- Summer camp in summer of 2006 and 2005 at local club
- Non-competitive hobby (i.e. school team too insane to make)</p>

<p>Honors, Recognitions, Awards, Programs (Kinda weak right now):</p>

<p>Robert Wood Johnson Mini-Medical Program
- Will participate in a several week long program at RWJ Medical School consisting of seminars to talk w/ doctors, etc.
- Semi-Competitive application process (~20% acceptance)</p>

<p>NJ Science League
- Recognition in 10th grade for regional competition
- Didn't qualify for regionals 11th in Chem II; only 4 out of 30-40 students make it and only the best of the best try out. I didn't have time to study mostly b/c of English HW; and, though that's not a reasonable excuse...that's my excuse...</p>

<p>National Latin Exam
- Silver Medal in 9th; Gold Medal in 10th; test for 11th in the process of being graded</p>

<p>Commendation from Governor/NJ State Legislature
- For our chapter setting up a March of Dimes fundraiser that raised thousands of $'s.</p>

<p>JSA Best Speaker Awards
- Several in recognition of debate performance.</p>

<p>National Honors Society/National Latin Honors Society
- 11th </p>

<p>Predicted National Merit Semifinalist
- PSAT: 226</p>

- Other Competitions Planned/Participating: Chemistry Olympics, Siemen's Westinghouse/Intel (with additional research conducted over next summer)</p>

<p>Chances For:</p>

<pre><code> - JHU (ED and RD)
- Duke (ED and RD)
- Cornell (ED and RD)
- UPenn (ED and RD)
- WashU
- Brown
- Columbia
- UMich
- Rutgers (I'll probably get full ride; just listing this one so I don't get flamed for not having a safety)

<p>I'm definitely more academic than "talented" per se. So, I'm having trouble estimating my chances of admission. I do have a good personality though and that should come through in my apps! Thanks so much guys!</p>

<p>excellent chances at all. </p>

<p>If your essay is great (or even just above average) and you teacher rec's are good, then you will probably get in.</p>

<p>Oh wow thx! So you don't think the kind of lack of significant awards is gonna kill me? Like it says up top, though, I plan to try for Siemen's/Intel and hopefully I'll get something through NJ Chem Olympics. Thx again!</p>


<p>you academics look great. EC aren't bad either.</p>

<p>I'd say a 70% chance for your colleges :D</p>

<p>Have any leadership?
{colleges love this}</p>

<p>Well, for leadership:</p>

<li>JSA = Officer for Club...Running for either VP or P for next year; also Executive Member for NJ State (appointed position, will continue next year)</li>
<li>Science Competitor's = Officer for Club...Running again for next year</li>
<li>March of Dimes = May run for position for next year (depends on the time I can commit to it this year)</li>
<li>Medical Career's = Running for position for next year</li>

Oh wow thx! So you don't think the kind of lack of significant awards is gonna kill me?


<p>Not everyone who is accepted to an Ivies or Top tier schools are past IChO team members or Perfect AIME scorers. In fact, the majority aren't.</p>

<p>Yeah, you're right...I'm just personally really insecure about that slight blemish on my profile...I just haven't been able to devote myself wholeheartedly to the concept of optional testing nor put in enough time to study (actually, I didn't study for the AMC or USNCO local and my results reflect that fact). Somehow, I can't get myself to care about any tests beyond those in school or standardized testing. And yet, I know that I'm capable of getting AIME and qualifying for USNCO (I could tell that local test would've been damn easy for me had I actually opened a book to prep for it). I did the same exact thing for Physics B frosh year (barely studied for the AP exam at all and was too lazy/insecure to take the SAT II Physics), so I ended up with a 4. I'm personally very dissatisfied with myself and am at perpetual war with my own habits. I just can't get myself to take a book and sit with it and study for hours on end like some others can. Oh well...I dunno...I shouldn't make excuses :(. Anyway, enough about my boring life, more about my chances!</p>