chances with these courses at top colleges

<p>Does anyone have a chance with regular courses such as:</p>

<p>Math: Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Precalc and AP calculus AB(12th)
Science: Living Environment, Earth science, Chemistry, Physics and AP Bio(12th)
English: English- 9,10,11 and AP language and Composition(12th)
Social Studies: Global History(2 years), US history and Government then APUSH(12th)</p>

<p>I took Precalc, trig and physics during the summer</p>

<p>Self studied AP ( 5 on all): AP Micro and AP Macro, AP chemistry, AP physics B and C: Electricity and magnetism, AP Human Geography and AP World History</p>

<p>come on, all i need is for you to tell me if this is good enough?</p>

<p>Generally, it looks bad if you don't take a lot of AP classes at your school in the eyes of top colleges, but since you self studied some others and scored 5's on all of them (and they are among the hardest AP exams, especially the science), it definitely won't hurt you. Just make sure the colleges you applied to know that you self studied for those exams.</p>

<p>If your high school only offers a limited number of APs, the fact that you self-studied for them will be a positive. Is it good enough? It depends. If your school does offer a lot of other APs which you didn't take because of significant commitment to outside activities that you can demonstrate, yes, it is good enough. But it really is only one part of the equation.</p>