Chances with these schools (I mostly care about the input to the mid-tier UC's)

<p>Well alright here are my stats:</p>

<p>Out-of-State Asian Male living in Upstate New York, but has residency in the Bay Area.
In the Top 100 Public High School by US News in 2004, 2005 and 2006 (IDK why were not ranked in 2007). In the last two years alone, only one student got into UCB in 2006 and one got into UCSB last year. Almost no one in our school applied to UC's. (At most in every graduating class, only one applys and they are usually towards UCB, UCLA, UCSD and UCSB).</p>

<p>UW GPA: 3.6-3.7
UC GPA: 3.82
W GPA: 3.8-3.9</p>

<p>Vigorous course load that included 7 AP Courses in the last three years and 3 Honor Courses over the last three years:</p>

<p>AP Euro (10th)
AP Chemistry (11th)
AP US (11th)
AP Statistics (11th)
AP Physics C (12th)
AP BC Calculus (12th)
AP Biology (12th)</p>

<p>Algebra 2 Honors (10th)
Pre-Calculus Honors (11th)
Physics Honors (11th)</p>

<p>I also had hard English teachers and many science and language based electives and courses over the last four years…</p>

<p>I didn’t self-report my SAT I but it is at 1860/2400 (560 CR, 580 W, 720 M)
SAT II: Chemistry: 650
US History: 690
Math IIC: 700
ACT: 29 Composite</p>

<p>EC in a big nutshell:</p>

<p>Co-Captain of Science Olympiad team and member for 3 years, Model UN Delegate for 3 years, Pianist for ages and holds the NYSSMA Level 6 Piano Mastery Rank (highest level the state offers to high school pianists and took the audition twice and I earned a 98/100 on both tries), Track and Field Sprinter for 3 years (JV 10th, V 11th and 12th), Section Editor to my school newspaper and a Math League member for 4 years. I volunteered for my local ambulance corps as a dispatcher for two years and recently finished a medical internship at the University of Rochester Healthcare System that started during the summer last year.</p>

<p>Never worked (Parents…) and is an AP Scholar
No rank since our high school doesn’t do ranks… I guess I am in the top 15% percent of my class…</p>

<p>So what are my chances at UCI, UCSB and UCD??? I already got accepted to UCR and SJSU and got deferred from JHU ED. I also did apply to UCB, UCLA and UCSD but I know I won’t have a good chance to get in and UCM and Cal Poly is a definite safety for me. I also did apply to Lehigh (My best friend’s father is alumnus there), CMU (Tried it for fun and several seniors last year in my school are going there now), Cornell (I don’t really care about Cornell honestly... Too overrated...), and USC (Prefer the Mid-Tier UC’s over it).</p>

Biological Sciences (Physiology, Neuroscience and Human Development emphasis)</p>

<p>Long post but what are my chances???</p>

<p>If you do have in-state residency, I'd say:</p>

<p>UCD/UCSB/UCI: match
Berkeley: reach
UCLA: reach
UCSD: slight reach (50-50)</p>

<p>For clarification, I am considered out-of-state admissions but in-state tuition. I have asked several UC's over that issue. Also that was what I figured too... Any more responses is appreciated :)</p>

<p>I've never heard of that, but all right. If you're OOS for admissions:</p>

<p>Berkeley: big reach
UCLA: reach
UCSD: slight reach - reach
UCD/UCSB/UCI: slight reach - high match (50-60%)</p>

<p>Just curious... because I need help with this... how are you out of state admissions but able to get in state tuition? That is my only hurdle right now. My parents are OOS right now but all of other family in CA and I intend to stay in CA. Sigh...just wish I could swing the plus big OOS tuition......</p>

<p>Oh well here is the thing I was told when I asked the UC system. My father currently works in CA and I have been living in CA for most of my life until my freshman year in HS where my dad had to work for two years in NY. My mom and I ended up staying in NY to finish my education and my dad went back to CA and is working there. Since my parents still paid the taxes for the years we were in NY to CA and still to today filing taxes there, I still technically grant CA Residency and get in-state tuition. However, since I am graduating with a NY High School Diploma, the UC system refuses me on admissions as an in-state applicant since you must graduate with a CA High School Diploma in order to grant that status. So as weird as it gets that is how it is. The thing is your parents must still pay taxes in CA and still have taxable property here for you to get the tuition benefits. For admissions though, you will still be forced in as an OOS applicant. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for your insight! I appreciate your sharing and I can totally understand how you were granted in state tuition. Sigh... I don't think I can swing the extra $ for OOS tuition. You're a terrific person and I wish you the best in CA!!!</p>

<p>However check your e-mail because in your case it can be different. I wrote you a more in-depth note there. You might grant In-State tuition because you are graduating in CA and you are in a sense raised by family who are also in CA. The UC system could still grant special exceptions to their tuition and I think you will be considered in-state. Call them ASAP and ask them because they will give you the best answers. I think you will be fine and you will be able to acquire instate tuition.</p>