chances. worried. please help

<p>please chance me.. i know my sat scores are low. im hoping to improve them this fall. thanks. the main reason im posting this is because my transcript is awkward. i had ankle surgery my sophomore year and i couldnt take gym so i end up having to take it my senior year and not take another ap. its weird. and i just want to get some opinions on what my chances are at different schools regardless of my transcript.</p>

<p>schools: Brown(ED), UVA, Gettysburg, William and Mary, George Mason, Georgetown, George Washington, Northeastern, washington college(md)</p>

<p>About me :</p>

<p>Ethnicity: White
Residency: MAryland
School Type: Public, ranked 250-ish
intended major: international relations/ pre-med</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (4.0) unweighted
SAT: 1950 (670CR, 680M, 600W) hopefully 2100 in the fall.
SAT II: Math2 770, Us history 730
Class Rank: 29/457</p>

<p>APs: AP world history: 5
AP us history: 5
AP english language: 4
senior year APs: AP biology
AP french 6
AP english lit
AP calc ab
AP euro</p>

french national honor society (2007-present)
student government(2007-present)
-class of 2011 liaison
- president
recreational ballet (2007-2010)
county student executive board(2009-present)
-charity co-director
staff of a leadership workshop(2007-present)
delegate of multiple state conventions for student leadership(2007-present)
workshop leader for maryland association of student councils (2010-present)
varsity soccer(2008-present) captain (present), jv soccer(2007)
varisty softball(2009-present), jv softball (2007-2008)
grand concours participant (2008-present)- merit certificate
model un delegate (2008-present)
national honor society(2008-present)
science national honor society(2009-present)
STAND- executive board member(2009-present)- anti-genocide club, bringing awareness to darfur and other regions.
Dulanians-(2009-present) group of students who organize 8th grade orientations for students and parents, back to school night, and multiple tours for new students. essentially a welcoming committee
national society of high school scholars(2008-present)</p>


<p>scholar athlete award(2007-present)
all-academic team(2007-present)
merit certificate- grand concours (2008-present)
national young leaders conference nominee(2009)
accepted to summer@brown- summer program at brown university(2010)
discus award winner(2010)- honors the all-around student
varsity soccer most improved player(2009)
ap scholar
chosen as staff for leadership workshops because of my leadership ability(2007-present)
maryland distinguished scholar(2010)</p>

<p>Community Service:
counselor at summer soccer camp (2008-2010)
fundraised for doctors without borders by parking cars for a local fair (2008-2010)
founded alex's lemonade stand at my school (2010)
fundraised for haiti (2009- 2010)
collected and donated gifts to kids helping hopkins a program through johns hopkins children center
fundraised for kids helping hopkins within the school system through my position as charity director of my county student executive board
raised over $1000 for invisible children by organizing a fashion show at my school through STAND</p>

worked as a sales associate at a clothing/surf shop during the summer (2007-present)</p>

<p>Teacher recommendations:
apush teacher- i think it will be fantastic
10th grade chemistry teacher/ sgo advisor- definitely will be good</p>

<p>counselor recommendation: really good. < she likes me</p>

<p>essays: pretty good. ive been working on them all summer </p>

<p>additional experiences:
attended lead america presidential youth leadership conference (2009)- attended the presidential inauguration
attended lead america congressional student leadership conference on medicine and healthcare
attended summer@brown- letter of recommendation, program: global development.< three hour classes for two weeks with multiple papers and projects</p>

<h2>any opinions? i know brown is like a no-way shot. but its my dream school so im still applying. i know my sat scores arnt amazing but i'm working on it and im planning on taking the act as well this fall..</h2>

<p>Most likely rejection at Brown.
Most likely acceptance at everywhere else.</p>

<p>Your strong GPA, class rank, and impressive ECs may offset your somewhat sub-par standardized testing score. Good luck.</p>

<p>Also, it's generally a bad idea to use your name as an ID.</p>

<p>Even with a 2100, Brown would be an extreme reach, they now take under 10% and an unhooked candidate needs very high stats:</p>

<p>Brown</a> Admission: Facts & Figures</p>

<p>I would consider using the ED for a more likely reach.</p>

<p>thanks for your input.
it really helps while going through the admission process</p>