Chances Yale EA

<p>1370 SAT, 670v 700m
October 9: Predicted >1400
3 SAT IIs above 700
91/100 GPA, top 10% of class
All AP and Gifted Level Classes </p>

<p>AP US History: 4
AP World History:4 </p>

<p>Attended Sate Governor's School for English/Language Arts
National Achievement Semi-Finalist
School Honor Roll for 4 years
4th in State/6th in nation on National French Examination (Le Grand Concours)
Peer Leader at my high school
Treasurer of Service Club
French Club member
Member of French Honor Society </p>

<p>I am also a female URM with residence in a southern state.</p>

<p>Excellent essays. Equally exceptional recommendations from French and History teachers, as well as from my counselor whom I know very well. </p>

<p>I am applying EA this year to Yale. How do you think I will do in the admissions process this fall? </p>

<p>Also at: Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, UCLA, Dartmouth, Columbia, U Penn (all RD).</p>

<p>60% chance to Yale EA.</p>

<p>:S I don't know... you certainly have a shot, but admission to Yale is very difficult. I think the percentage of people admitted EA to Yale is under 20%, and I'd estimate you have about that chance.</p>

<p>Sorry :(</p>

<p>did you note that she's a urm?</p>

<p>being a urm is good n' all. But she lacks really solid ecs... and everybody can say they have excellent essays</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for your advice.</p>

<p>I was hoping that my acceptance to the state Governor's school would serve as one of my "solid ECs". I, along with the other students who attended for Language Arts, are considered to be the best writers in the state. And I partly based my assessment of my essays on that.</p>

<p>The only other EC that I did not mention, but is significant, is fashion illustration. That is what I do in my spare time, and by the judgment of others I am fairly good at it. Are hobbies worth mentioning on applications?</p>

<p>Thanks for your help again.</p>

<p>That's right - your ECs are really weak for schools like Yale. It is still very good, don't take me wrong, but for Yale it would be considered weak. You really need to overcome that with your test scores.</p>

<p>Is the state governor school just for one summer? If it is, I don't know how u can count that as your most significant EC.</p>

<p>Well I was nominated for the program 4 times during 10th and 11th grades ( in French twice, History, and Language Arts). This past summer I also studied French during the program.</p>

<p>Is not not more important to have ECs of good quality that exhibit a passion than to have a ton of ECs? I thought my ECs highlighted my deep interest in French and my love for writing, but perhaps they do like substance.</p>

<p>By the way my SAT 2 scores for Writing, Math 2c, and US History are,respectively, 780 750 and 800. How much does that help?</p>

<p>Thanks again for the feedback.</p>

<p>nvm... you're accepted. Those are really good scores.</p>

<p>errr I'm not so sure those scores warrant automatic acceptance. Usually if you take math IIc 800 is the "expected result." Granted math isn't your area of interest, so I'm sure that will be fine. I'd say with your passion for writing and french and your acceptence to the governor's school, you have a pretty good chance tho. I was accepted to Yale's class of 2007 and applied regular decision (now a soph at Columbia Univ.). Score wise I had a 1520 SAT (730 V, 790 M), and 800 on writing and math IIC and a 730 on biology. I had a lot of EC's and leadership but your focus and passion for a few EC's I think also looks really good. Not warranting auto acceptance, but...I like your chances =).</p>

<p>cassia - push up your SAT I score to 1400s, and I honestly believe you will be dancing your way to New Haven come fall 2005.
Good luck</p>