Chances, yes, no, maybe so?

<p>What do you think my chances are to get into these colleges:
Cornell University
Carnegie Mellon
Boston University
University of Washington
GPA: 3.38 (177/379)
Took the hardest classes I could (honors/AP)
SAT: 1370, 710M/660V (1390 highest combined)
Taking SAT II's in December.</p>

4 years varsity tennis
Tutored elementary school kids
Physics Club
Band 9th and 10th grade
Summer volunteering.
I have pretty good teacher recs. </p>

<p>Oh yeah I'm Asian/first generation college student, but i don't know if it matters.</p>

<p>i'm sorry i don't see u getting into cornell, but CMU BU and GWU are all reach/matches... good luck... the rank hurts, it doesn't really help even if u are taking all honors and ap's</p>

<p>You are probably in all the schools except Cornell might be a slight reach (rank/gpa hurts and lack of EC's). However, you have a great chance at BU, CMU and University of Washington. GOOD LUCK!</p>

<p>thanks cujoe169</p>

<p>and johnst too, you replied the same time I did</p>

<p>Cornell University...Iffy (Unless ED...then Okay)
Carnegie Mellon...Good
Boston University...Very Good
University of Washington...Excellent</p>

<p>No to Cornell, others you have a good shot with a great application and recs.</p>

<p>Might want to replace BU and add some stronger schools like Colgate, Holy Cross, Trinity.</p>

<p>Cornell University -if ED, 50% chance, if RD-no
Carnegie Mellon-if ED-70% chance, if RD-5% chance
Boston University-good shot either way
University of Washington-in</p>

<p>Are you gonna apply to the UW honors program? I've heard great things about it.</p>