<p>I will be applying before the end of this month to beat the priority deadline, and i was wanting to see what my chances are at this school.</p>

<p>School Applying to: LAS (Undecided)</p>

<p>White/Male 17
Under represented part of state-southern part.
ACT: 29E,27M,25R,20S(i know, i hate it too) = 25.25
GPA: 3.733
Class Rank:86-87 percentile
AP's: US History, World History, Calculus
About as tough of schedule as I can do.
EC's: NHS, of course, Spanish Honor, Scholar Bowl, Math Club, Math Team. sec. of fbla, just to name a few.
Good Personal/Profession Statements.</p>

<p>Thanks, </p>


<p>The middle 50% ranges of all students admitted to LAS in 2004 were 83rd-95th percentile class rank and 25-30 ACT (1110-1340 SAT). Since ACT scores are rounded, yours would be considered a 25, not 25.25.</p>

<p>Does that mean I have a good shot then ?</p>

<p>How competitive is the Colege of Liberal Arts and Sciences. If you are in the ranges for both, does that mean you wlil probably get in or what ?</p>

<p>I don't know if your chances are good, since your ACT score is at the bottom 1/4 and your class rank is close to that too. Usually someone at the low end of one would make up for it with the other. Is it too late to retake the ACT?</p>

<p>It will help that you are from downstate because the university is seeking geographic diversity. But I would get that application in ASAP.</p>