<p>I'm a white male that attends one of the top high schools in Massachusetts (really competitive). I am a junior and have weighted GPA of 4.2, my school does not calculate unweighted GPA's, but I think mine is around a 3.6. I play varsity baseball and football. I participate in the Speech and Debate club, Model UN, Spanish Club, and Engineering club. I tutor middle school students twice a week throughout the year and volunteer at a children's camp every year. I have 120 hours of community service (60 is required by my school). I also recently went on a trip with my Church to New Orleans to aid to the community down there (what I wrote my essay on). I have had a job since the beginning of this school year I have two great recommendations from my teachers. I got a 1950 on the SAT and a 29 on the ACT. What are my chances at the University of Miami?</p>

<p>I'd say you are safe for university of Miami.</p>