<p>I was thinking of applying to UofM's College of Engineering. My counselor said I shouldn't have too much difficulty, but I wanted other opinions (I guess I'm rather pessimistic). Anywho...</p>

<p>GPA: 3.7(UW) 3.9+(W) (7-point scale. 100-93 - A; 93-86 - B etc)
ACT: 30
APs (By senior year): Language, Literature, Calc., Gov, Econ.
ECs: Tennis, NHS, Student Ambassador, Writing Club, Part-time job, Freelance Programmer, Youth Group, Volunteer
School Type: Private
Essays: I'm a fantastic writer. I shouldn't have any issues with this.</p>

<p>Thoughts? Comments? I was considering joining Student Government and Robotics senior year to enhance my ECs a bit. I'm applying regardless of what's said in this topic, however, I'm still curious in regards to where I stand today.</p>

<p>Your counselor is a little too high on you, especially with the recent trends. </p>

<p>Idk how your HS works, because its a private school, so I am not really sure if your GPA is good. I think your UW is good but idk about your W</p>

<p>You should definitely try to up your ACT too</p>

<p>all in all you definitely aren't a lock, I guess you are somewhere in the middle</p>

<p>You'll probably get in but not a slam dunk. Chances are better if you are IS vs OOS. Best thing to do is to keep the GPA up.</p>

<p>your ECs look solid, especially your experience as a freelance programmer (because you're applying to CoE). as earlier two said, keep your GPA high, perhaps try to take the ACT one more time. my main advice would be to target teachers who will write you fabulous recs and start on the essays early and work on them thoroughly until they're very good. the softer parts of the application seem to becoming increasingly important with UM admissions</p>

<p>Our W GPA system is odd. You get .036 added per honors/AP class. The W GPS I posted was based off my Sophomore year GPA, which added ~.25 to it. By the end of this year it should accumulate more and set me close to a 4 point. By the end of my senior year it'll be close to a 4.2</p>

<p>And I'm also IS.</p>