<p>Here are my stats..I am in-state and will be applying to Psychology (but i am going to medical school after 4 years...)</p>

<p>GPA: freshman year was really low (2.0 first semester and 1.5 second), my 10th grade was 4.0, my 11th grade was above 3.5. I will also have 8 ap classes by the time i graduate and i have excellent essays.
ACT: 29
mediocre ec's</p>

<p>My brother currently attends UIUC (BUS department) would that increase my chances at least a tiny bit?</p>

<p>Do i have a chance to get into LAS? Would UIUC forgive me for my low rank and gpa because my freshman year was the only year that was low?</p>

<p>You do not give class rank and it along with test score are two most important factors. However,you mention it is low. Nevertheless, you still have fair chance because it will consider the improvement after freshman year, including your course work (such as the AP classes) and your ACT score is in the upper 50%. Fact that your brother goes there will not be considered (UIUC does not consider legacy or relative factor because too large a percentage of those who apply could claim it).</p>