<p>School Type: Public
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Race/Gender: White/Male
Prospective Major: Political Science
Unweighted GPA: 3.8-3.9
Weighted GPA: 3.9-4.0
Class rank: Top 10% of 800 </p>

<p>Rigor: Not as many AP courses (4, possibly 5 if I change my schedule) due to a conflict between Block scheduling and Band... Not enough space to take Band, Foreign Language, and AP Courses.</p>

<p>SAT I Scores
SAT Math: 650
SAT Reading: 650
SAT Writing: 650</p>

<p>ACT: Taking in September</p>

<p>SAT II:
US History: 800
World History: taking in December</p>

<p>Clubs/School Activities/Extra Curricular Activities</p>

<p>4 years Marching Band- Leadership role (Section Leader)</p>

<p>Pep Band</p>

<p>Vice President- Debate Club</p>

<p>President- Young Conservatives</p>

<p>3 Mission trips to a Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico</p>

<p>History Club</p>

<p>Volunteered for a Presidential Campaign</p>

<p>Volunteered for a campaign for US Congress</p>

<p>Schools that I'm applying to: (Yes, I know a few of these are big time reaches)
University of Georgia
Clemson University
University of Virginia
American University
George Washington University
Washington and Lee University
Notre Dame
Cornell University
Emory University
UNC-Chapel Hill
University of Miami</p>

<p>Statistically, UGA, Clemson, UM, UND, and GW all look like good matches. If you want to be competitive for UVA, GW, Emory, and UNC-CH (OOS), you'll probably want to raise your SAT to at least 1400 or 2100 overall.</p>

<p>With an SAT of 1300, you might also want to consider applying to a true academic and financial safety (perhaps KSU/GSU?) just in case you have bad luck with your matches. Good luck in the admissions process!</p>

<p>Yes, I do plan on applying to Georgia State as my safety. Thanks :-)</p>

<p>apply uga early. you will get in probably with honors. uga is a safety so dont apply to georgia state until you get rejected from uga. as for emory, if your family makes more than 100k you probably not going to get any aid other than loans. you should write good essays and raise your scores.</p>

<p>Wait, you think I will get in the Honors School? I was under the impression that I wouldn't have much of a chance of getting in the Honors School.</p>

<p>Everyone has a chance, but your current SAT scores won't qualify you for auto admit in December and are on the low end for spring admit. If your ACT score is comparatively higher, they will consider that instead of your SAT. The spring application also has an essay and more space to list EC's and other accomplishments. Here are the stats for last year.</p>

<p>2010–2011 First-Year Class 525
Average First-Year High School GPA 4.06
Average First-Year SAT 1471*
Middle-Range SAT 1440 – 1490*
*Critical Reading and Math Sections Only
Middle Range ACT 31-33 </p>

<p>Best of luck to you.</p>



With all due respect, the admissions process for good schools (and good programs like Honors) is a crapshoot. It's irresponsible to speak in absolute terms and give people a false idea of where they actually stand... however, if you do want guesstimate someone's chances for admission, you should at least provide statistics to back up your claims. Your posts on this forum are often misleading instead of honest and helpful.</p>

<p>@OP: If I were in your position, I would disregard ilikepizza's post. As somewhereinga notes, your stats. still fall well below the average for Honors and are borderline for EA. Raise your SAT by 100 pts. and you'll be in a very good position. As for the financial aid process at a private school like Emory, it's based not only on income but also savings and family expenditures. Making "more than 100k" will not necessarily disqualify you from grants or scholarships at many private schools. Ultimately, the only way to find out how much aid you qualify for is to actually apply to each school. Best of luck in the admissions (and financial aid!) process.</p>

<p>Everything looks terrific. If you raise SAT by maybe 100 points, EA looks promising and RD is a sure thing. Honors college is a stretch with current SAT.</p>

<p>^ That's what I gathered from my visit, thanks :-) .</p>

<p>EFC1878: I hope you weren't discouraged by what I said. I wasn't trying to be negative, just realistic about honors. There is nothing worse than getting your hopes up and then later finding out that it wasn't realistic. Here is a link to the 2011 EA admissions press release. Your scores and gpa are right in line with last year's EA.</p>

<p>University</a> of Georgia: News & Information</p>

<p>This year’s early-action applicant pool is again academically strong and diverse.Those offered admission at this point have an academic grade point average mid-range of 3.83-4.07, an SAT mid-range of 1230-1390 (with a mean SAT writing score of 652) or a mean ACT range of 28-32. UGA requires students to submit writing scores with their ACT and SAT tests and those scores are an integral part of the selection process, McDuff said. Those students admitted through early action also took an average of six Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate classes.</p>

<p>I saw the honors school stats when I visited UGA and realized that I would probably not get in, so what ilikepizza said totally caught me off guard. Anyways, thanks for clearing up the truth, and no, my self-esteem isn't crushed by you telling the truth :P</p>

<p>I'm a junior at a very competitive college prep school. I'd love to hear some feedback on whether or not I have a chance.</p>

<p>7 APs
GPA: 91 (My school does our GPAs like this but I calculated it to be around a 3.7, but that could be completely wrong..)
Potential Majors: Marine Biology, Business</p>

<p>SAT: 1480/1600 (Retaking in January)
ACT: Taking in February</p>

Softball for two years-Captain Sophomore year
Cheerleader for 3 seasons- Coach's Award Sophomore year
Track for one year
National Honors Society
Numerous service hours
Habitat for Humanity
Church group
Sign Language Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes</p>

<p>you're applying to 11 schools possibly 12?!?!? that's like $600!!!That's a lot of money. And not to mean, but you will probably only get in like half of those</p>