<p>I am a African American female from Memphis, TN.
I have a ACT score of 29 (SUPERSCORE = 30)
I am taking AP Euro, AP Art History, and AP Microeconomics
My GPA is 4.2
I have taken all Honors, Pre-AP, and AP classes since 9th grade.
I am President of Optimist Club(volunteer at VA Medical Center = over 500 hours of service)
I am Secretary of Sunday School at my church
I am have over 200+ hours of volunteer service at my church
I have 112 hours of volunteer with apartment cleaning service = Turner Cleaning Service
I have over 80 hours with Amedisys Hospice
I am in National Honor Society
Member of Green Team, Sci-Fi Club, HOSA(Health Occupational students of America), choir, latin club, community service club, animated manga club, DDR club.
I am an ACTIVE member of Girl Scouts
I worked with Memphis Ambassadors Program
I worked with the Summer Youth Employment Center
I work for iSTART Reading Comprehension Service
Cum Laude grades 9-11 on National Latin Exam
Girl Scouts John Sevier badge
Distinguished Honor Roll grades 9-11</p>

<p>PLease tell me if you think I have a chance at getting into University of Miami. It is one of my top colleges.</p>

<p>What are your SAT scores? What is your rank in class (out of how many)? What kinds of scores have you received on your AP tests? Is the 4.2 gpa weighted? Do you need to have a merit scholarship in order to attend UM, or can you/your family afford the ~$56,000 per year?</p>

<p>I have not taken the SAT. I am ranked 109 out of 501. I received a 4 on my AP Euro test. I am taking AP Art History and AP Micro as a senior. The 4.2 is weighted. I have a 3.6 unweighted. I need a ton of merit aid/scholarships in order to attend. My mom is a single parent on welfare so we don't have money to pay for college.</p>

<p>Miami is generous in need-based aid. You're not going to be paying close to $56,000 per year.</p>

<p>I think you certainly have a shot; you'll probably be somewhere around slightly below the middle of the applicant pool, statistic-wise. As long as you keep up the hard work, you can make it happen.</p>

<p>You need to apply (in the next couple of months) and submit your financial aid data as soon as it's available (next year).</p>

<p>That is a relief. I really don't want to take out any loans. Do you knnow what it takes to get a full ride scholarship to UMiami?</p>

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<p>to get a full ride (singer scholarship) you need to have at least a 1500/34 test score, A+ Gpa, usually in 1% of class, and be involved in a lot activities..</p>

<p>thank you for the input. congrats on getting a full ride.</p>

<p>oh I didn't get a full ride is way to hard.</p>

<p>lol. did u get any scholarships from umiami?</p>

<p>hey tubbytubbz, i got the stamps scholarship at miami (stamps is their full ride, singer is their full tuition)
if you have any questions about getting stamps, feel free to PM me, but i think high stats determine who gets the invite to interview and then the actual interview determines who gets the scholarship (since all interviewees have strong stats)
a 35-36 ACT (superscored), high class rank and high GPA seemed common among all people i met at stamps weekend</p>

<p>You definitely want to apply Early Admission. And, if you can manage a visit to the school in the fall that would be very good too - make sure that you arrange meetings with both the Financial Aid office and with someone in the department of the school you think you'd like to attend. Also, make sure the admissions folks know you are there (stop in their office to say Hello!) - demonstrating interest in the school. Try to develop a relationship (email) with someone in Admissions. If admissions people visit your geographic area, make sure you sign up for an interview. This all goes to showing UM that you really really want to be a Cane.

<p>Wow u guys rock!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the advice. How are the people at UMiami?? In different threads on here I have seen where the people are stuck up and what not so I just want to know what you guys think of the people there.</p>

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