<p>I am a African American female from Memphis, TN.
I have a ACT score of 29 (SUPERSCORE = 30)
I am taking AP Euro, AP Art History, and AP Microeconomics
My GPA is 4.2
I have taken all Honors, Pre-AP, and AP classes since 9th grade.
I am President of Optimist Club(volunteer at VA Medical Center = over 500 hours of service)
I am Secretary of Sunday School at my church
I am have over 200+ hours of volunteer service at my church
I have 112 hours of volunteer with apartment cleaning service = Turner Cleaning Service
I have over 80 hours with Amedisys Hospice
I am in National Honor Society
Member of Green Team, Sci-Fi Club, HOSA(Health Occupational students of America), choir, latin club, community service club, animated manga club, DDR club.
I am an ACTIVE member of Girl Scouts
I worked with Memphis Ambassadors Program
I worked with the Summer Youth Employment Center
I work for iSTART Reading Comprehension Service
Cum Laude grades 9-11 on National Latin Exam
Girl Scouts John Sevier badge
Distinguished Honor Roll grades 9-11</p>

<p>PLease tell me if you think I have a chance at getting into Oglethorpe University. It is one of my top colleges.</p>

<p>Trust me when I tell you that I am "plugged in" at Oglethorpe University, and, unless you have a long rap sheet involving murder or heavy drug dealing, I a POSITIVE that you will be admitted to OU.</p>

<p>thanks so much razordad. do you think I have a shot at getting a full ride scholarship? i need all the money I can get in order to afford college.</p>

<p>definately admitted....full ride is up in the air, but you would be in the running. ASC is a better school, in my opinion, though.</p>

<p>thanks pearl. do u go to agnes scott?</p>

<p>No, but my daughter does. Her sister also visited Oglethorpe and was considering that school, but had decided against it after the visit (she is taking classes at a community college and OU was very vague about what credits they would accept from there and what they would not - this was not a good sign. It made it impossible to plan what classes to take at the community college because they would not commit to whether or not they would accept those credits upon transfer.</p>

<p>did your daughter like the people at oglethorpe? when she visited what were her pros and cons?</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>She loved the campus - very pretty, small. We went during the school year and visited a class. The class was ok. It was weird, however, that we didn't see many students out on the main lawn or in the student center. where are they??? We assumed that they gather in the dorms and stay there until time for class.</p>

<p>Also, even though offices had posted hours that said they should be open, they weren't. For instance "Student Health" - the office was closed, even though it was supposed to be open. This concerned me. Made me wonder if the services advertised are really available. </p>

<p>The people we did see were nice; our tour guide very nice. </p>

<p>They have a weird curriculum core (Narrative of the Self I and Narrative of the Self II and more). Made me wonder if the credits would transfer. </p>

<p>They have some good connections (the Carter Center is a big supporter of Oglethorpe. Jason Carter's wife attends the college - grandson (Jason) of Jimmy Carter).</p>

<p>o wow. that is awesome. thanks sooo much for your input. i plan on applying early action. wish me luck.</p>