<p>I probably won't apply to Cornell but I'd like to see if I had a chance. I'll probably be a reach which is fine but please chance me for CAS. Thanks </p>

<p>*Asian male
*ACT- 30 (Writing-10) 31 superscored
*GPA Unweighted- 3.7
*GPA Weighted- 4.2
*Top 3% Class Rank
*AP Classes: 3 so far (Will finish senior year with 6)
*Honors Classes: 9 or 10
*Volleyball (Two years)
*Soccer (One year)
*Indian Cultural Club (President & Founder)
*Mock Trial Team (Co-Captain)
*Students of Service Member
*Key Club (President)
*National English Honors Society
*National Honors Society (Tutoring Director)
*Provena Student Ambassador (Shadowed nurses, physicians and physical therapists over the summer for two years)
*Provena Teen Volunteer (Weekly hospital volunteer)
*Library Volunteer
*Native Indian musical instrument for 8 years
*200+ hours of community service (Will finish summer with over 300 hours)
*Summa Cum Laude</p>

<p>If both parents went to college but didn't graduate, would I be considered first generation?</p>

<p>If you don’t apply, there is no chance that you’ll be accepted to CAS. (Grin)</p>

<p>Lol assuming I’m going to apply, what are my chances?</p>

<p>Ummmmm, he ACT is a touch low (above the 25 percentile, but closer to the 25th than the 50th for the entering class).</p>

<p>The grades especially weighted look gpa look a bit low – but since you’re top 3% in your class, I’m going to assume it’s just a different grading system than most schools. Top 3% is certainly what Cornell looks for, and may be a bit above average, even.</p>

<p>If you could bring up the ACT a point or two, you’d have a great shot. As it is. Low Reach-High Target is my uneducated guess.</p>