Chances ?

<p>Hey guys i wouldnt mind if you could chance me for a couple of schools ...
i applied last year for 9th grade but at the time was still 12 and my ssat was 84th percentile cuz I got 48% on the vocab, which is probably due to the fact that I am non-native (German) this year I have been studying for the vocab part, I started a week ago an plan on doing like 30 minutes everyday which I hope will help me.</p>

<p>I am applying to</p>

Loomis chaffe

<p>My grades are straight A's</p>

<p>I am reapplying as repeat 9th grader</p>

<p>Classes im taking next year</p>

<p>Honors geometry 9
Honors English
Bioligy (no honors class offered)
French 2 Honors
Ap Human Geography (as history class)
And the regular stuff like art and PE</p>

<p>I think that last year my extra-curriculars pulled me down so this year I am</p>

<p>Volunteering at the city council
I am going to try to get into a lot of extra-curricular activities </p>

<p>I play golf, was rated number one middle school golfer in the county, with an average of 2 over par for the tournaments ... I hope that can help</p>

<p>I play lacrosse but not really competitive, but if I would go to boarding school I would definately try to get on the team</p>

<p>I play tennis pretty good ... I am not amazing but I can kick some butt !!</p>

<p>And I am really interested in dping crew !</p>

<p>Now a little about me ... i am german, have lived in Germany Spain Austria and now the US ... i speak fluent english, german near fluent spanish and can get around with french ... </p>

<p>My essays should be good as a friend from exeter offered to gove me some tips, and some help if I need it ...</p>

<p>My interviews should end up pretty good, I am a very outgoing person and have no problem to talk to a random person about myself.</p>

<p>Bump bump cmon guys</p>


<p>If you're doing crew for EC's it may be a problem when you do the application process. In my town, we drive to an aquatic center where they have a lake, and my brothers do crew. My older brother went to a prestigious UC for crew, and in high school I remember him practicing so hard, he would come back at seven at night eat dinner and fall asleep. He'd wake up at five to do homework. Crew is rewarding if you focus on it, it helped my brother get into a good college. But it's kind of pointless if you're doing it for only one year to get an extra sport. It's all year for us, but if the time managers around your schedule and it's seasonal—go for it. It's a great experience to bond with rowers/coxswain—according to my siblings. </p>

<p>Chances? I think you have a good chance. How high of a chance I can't say. Just be nice on the interview, have good rec's and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Buuuummmppppp :) buuuummmmppppp xD</p>