<p>Rising Senior, attending MUI HS in Alameda County, Northern CA.
I'm an African American Boy applying to schools with good Accounting/Business, Engineering (Computer), and/or Law Programs (Yes I know a lot of different fields, but I’m passionate) ^_^.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 UW
My high school doesn’t offer AP’s so I will Community College Courses:
African American
Second generation
Family Income $30k<0
3.8-9 GPA
SAT: 1450 (500V, 400M, 550W, 8 on my Essay) Retaking in October to get at least 1900-2000. (Low because of family difficulty at the time)
ACT: 18 [8 on my essay (Low because of family difficulty at the time, parent laid off dying relative etc.)]
7 Years of Spanish.
1 Semester of Japanese
Self-Teaching Russian
My grades could have been better but I was dealing with financial issues, family problems and other personal stuff at the time. I know it doesn't excuse my poor scores I'm not going to mention it to any of the admissions officers or in any of my essays, but it played a large element in my grades because freshmen year and sophomore year I got straight A's.</p>

<p>Next year I'm taking college Courses:
English Lit/Comp
AP Biology (online possibly)
Computer Science</p>

<p>Extracurriculars include:</p>

<p>4 Years Jiujitsu
Student Artist (Graphic)
Student Body Vice President (Sophomore)
Student Body Pres. (Junior)
MESA Alum (Math Science Engineering Achievement)
ACAP Alum(Accounting Career Awareness Program)
NABA Alum(National Association of Black Accountants)
Learning Russian
Feeding the Homeless Each Sunday (8,9,10,11,12)
Read to Kindergarteners (10,11,12)
School Ultimate Frisbee Captain (11,12)
Honor Roll Student (10,11,12)
Chairman of Quidditch Club
Debate club President (10,11,12)
Book Club
Junior Author Association of America
Fruit of Islam Scholar
Junior Muslim Scholar of America Local Captain
Grindin’ Coffeehouse (Student owned and run on campus coffee shop I helped start and run along with 8 other students. I am Co-Manager/Owner. We have received Grants of $4,000 up from Youth Uprising 5 Years in a row.)
Guitar Player (11,12)
My own Band: Frozen Inferno (11,12)
Poetry Club Treasurer (11,12)
Keep a Child Alive Junior Charity Member (11)
Author Club (11)
Student Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The MUI Gazette (10,11,12)</p>

<p>Does anyone have any recommendations, comments, or suggestions??</p>

<p>Im applying to: </p>

<h1>1 Choice---Stanford University,</h1>

<h1>2. U. of California at Berkeley,</h1>

<h1>3 U. of California-Los Angeles,</h1>

<h1>4 U. of Washington-Seattle,</h1>

<h1>5 New York University,</h1>

<h1>6 Columbia U.,</h1>

<h1>7 Univ. of Southern California,</h1>

<h1>8 San Diego State University,</h1>

<h1>9 Pepperdine University,</h1>

<h1>10 Harvard U.,</h1>

<h1>11 San Francisco State University,</h1>

<h1>12 Cornell,</h1>

<h1>13 Yale,</h1>

<h1>14 Drexel,</h1>

<h1>15 U.Penn,</h1>

<h1>16 Boston U.</h1>

<p>I don't believe you can get into most of those schools with the test scores you have currently, but if you can get them up to where you said then a few of those are matches for sure.</p>