Chances :)

<p>Thanks :)</p>

Chinese, female
Pretty good public school, from relatively overrepresented state
Major: not sure, some sort of engineering or applied math maybe</p>

GPA: 4.0 UW, 4.6ish W
Rank: not sure. probably top 5%
SAT: 690 CR, 770 M, 730 W
SAT II: 800 Math II, 720 US Hist, 740 Bio M, 750 Physics
AP: all 5's (Bio, Physics C Mech + E/M, Calc BC, US Gov&Pol, Eng Lang, APUSH)
Senior schedule: AP Chem, Comp sci 1 (graduation requirement), AP Eng Lit, science research class, linear algebra, AP Spanish, AP Stats</p>


-Science Olympiad (9-12): officer + secretary + events captain (11,12), did a lot of club work, won about 20 medals/ribbons including 7-ish gold medals at various invitational/regionals/states competitions</p>

<p>-Policy debate (9-12): secretary (11), VP (12), double octafinalist at mid-level national tournament [varsity, out of 100 teams], top 5 team and top 10 speaker at regional tournament [varsity, 40 teams from several states], semifinalist at JV tournament, etc.......will have NFL degree of superior distinction if we fundraise enough to pay the fees to restart the chapter this year (but don't count on this)</p>

<p>-Quizbowl (9-12): wasn't really good at it, but helped organize a tournament as one of the directors, was treasurer, helped write a lot of questions for the mostly did a bunch of work, but wasn't all that into competing</p>

<p>-County SGA (11,12): helped coordinate some stuff</p>

-Cross country (9,10): nothing too special
-Art club (10-12): community service, 2-3 hrs per week, helped lead a couple projects
-Did an engineering seminar fall of sophomore year
-The typical: NHS, Spanish Honor Society, tutoring little kids :), piano (passed advanced exams, performed at nursing homes), art lessons, etc.</p>

<p>Other awards
-AIME qualifier (9,10,11)
-Qualified for and attended this national math competition for girls (10,11)
-Honorable mention in state level art competition (3 times - 9,10,11)
-1st place award in county science fair + other awards; minor award at regional fair for the same project (9)
-Multiple awards at state level chem competition--team awards though (10)</p>

<p>Things I forgot to mention
Teacher rec: above average
Counselor rec: too many kids in our school to know
Essays: hopefully they're good</p>

<p>Summer activities:
debate camp all three summers, interned at a lab all three summers, learned programming along the way for those internships, etc.</p>

<p>**Colleges I'm applying to<a href="no%20legacy,%20out%20of%20state%20for%20all%20of%20them">/b</a>:
MIT Early action
UMCP (safety, I hope?)</p>

<p>I'm mostly worried about SAT scores, and perceived lack of focus with EC's (but I did genuinely enjoy all of them!). I'm hoping the math/AIME stuff might help.</p>


<p>What do you plan to do in college?</p>

<p>I'm more of a math/science person, although I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet. I thought I was going to do applied math for a while (still might), but then I found mechanical engineering interesting through internships etc</p>

<p>MIT may be different, because they will value your math/AIME morel. However, your HYPS, I think your SAT scores make admission more challenging. 2190 puts you at a significant disadvantage, but not out of competition. My concern is that your ECS, while eclectic and interesting, don't have a hook that is needed to compensate for your scores. Have you thought about Cornell or Duke? Those would strike me as more of a match.</p>

<p>You need to raise your SAT.</p>

<p>MIT Early action- mid reach
Harvard- high reach
Princeton- reach
Stanford- high reach
Caltech- mid reach
UChicago- mid/high match
Berkeley- mid/high match
UMCP (safety, I hope?)- Don't know</p>

<p>if I raise my SAT score to 2280, say, then how would my chances change? or does it need to be even higher than that? my sophomore PSAT score was almost 230 so I'm sure it's possible...gosh I don't know what happened when I took the SAT ;;</p>

<p>Hi! :) You look pretty good, you have as good as a chance as anyone with your stats.</p>