<p>Schools I'm applying to (music education major):
Stanford, USC, DePaul, U Chicago, Northwestern, Boston University, Yale. (also applying to a state school for a safety)</p>

White, female, upper-middle class.
I go to a fairly average public high school in Iowa.
3.98 GPA (unweighted), top 5% of class, ACT- 34, taking SAT II's in November, expecting to do very well.</p>

Taken all offered honors options freshmen/sophomore years.
AP so far- European History (partly as an independent study)-4, Psychology-5, Music Theory-3, US Gov't-3 (Received AP scholar with honors award this summer.)
AP this year- Statistics, French, English literature and composition, Chemistry
Taking a full schedule senior year (one of maybe 20 in my school to do this- seniors have the option of having 3, instead of 4, classes a day)</p>

Band- 4 years (first chair junior/senior year, section leader senior year, honor band junior/senior(?) year, alternate for youth orchestra senior year, II's at solo competiton sophomore/junior year (also did flute/saxophone choirs), summer camps at college campuses sophomore/junior year (accepted into full orchestra junior year), private lessons 4 years)
Jazz band- 3 years (member of top jazz band junior/senior years)
Drama- 3 years (pit- sophomore, cast- junior, crew/cast- senior (2 shows))
RSVP (student leadership)- 4 years (lead team, publicity chair senior year)
French club- 2 years (historian senior year)
NHS- 3 years (tutor committee, helps with after-school program at elementary schools)
Foreign exchange- 1 year (school-sponsored exchange with English students)
Girl Scouts- 4 years (Silver/Gold awards, program aide, counselor in training (2 years), girl member of local council's Board of Directors junior year)
Internship- 1 year (school program senior year interning with a middle school band director)
Other volunteer work- 4 years (local events, helping my mom with cleaning, organizing, fitting marching band uniforms junior/senior year)</p>

<p>Essays- For my common app essay, I'm writing about my reaction to the anaphylactic attack I had in July. For supplements, I'm basically writing about what the specific school is asking for. I'm a very strong writer (English is my best subject by far), so I expect that most schools will find my essays to be very good.</p>

<p>Does anyone know how far you can stretch alumni connections? I had a great-grandma go to Stanford, does that even matter?</p>

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