<p>I am going to apply ED to Williams College and i want to know if my chances are realistic. I have a 780 math, 740 reading and 710 writing- for a 2230 total. I come from a large public high-school and i am in the top 5 %. I have many extracurriculars including captain of the academic team, SADD secretary, National Math Honor society secretary, and i am on the ultimate frisbee club team, in the science Honor Society, National Honor Society, Economics Team, the gardening club, and I have had a summer job for 4 years. I have only taken 3 APs, physics B-5, Bio-5, and american-4.
I have good SAT II's
Math II- 800 (junior year)
Physics- 800 (sophomore year)
Biology M- 790 (junior year)
Chemistry- 770 (freshmen)
thanks for any help.</p>

<p>Senior Schedule
Life-guarding(PE elective)
Ordinary Differential Equations Honors
AP Macro Economics
Shakespeare/ Myth and Legend
AP Calculus BC
Ap Physics C</p>

<p>I know that i am not taking a language, but that is because it conflicted with ordinary differential equations, which is more suited to my interests</p>

<p>I think you look incredibly well qualified, but I don't see anything about you that's especially great though ... Be sure to write great essays! Good luck!</p>

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<p>Lexie, I just gotta ask, from whence does your info on who has a chance come? Gut feeling?</p>

<p>jgrl-are you a female? If so, you have a great chance if your essays show passion and personality. Write about how the tutorial program will help you sink your teeth into those academic interests. Geek girls are in the minority(being one, I am allowed to say that)</p>

<p>If you are a boy-same advise, and a slightly lower chance-not meaning to be sexist, but then you are slightly less unique.</p>

<p>Either way, excellent stats, nice job!</p>

<p>I don't see how being a male applicant makes you less unique. If anything, it would be the opposite. Last year, Williams had 3,575 female applicants but only 3056 male applicants. The acceptance rate difference was less than .3%.</p>

<p>@OldbatesieDoc - Based on jglr's ECs, which, while good, are nothing spectacular nor unusual. Course rigor and strong success in academics are obviously there, but colleges don't just want academics, they want people. They need to see that there is a person underneath those scores who is going to add something to the community! So yes, academically and SAT-wise, jglr should be accepted, but as a person, there was nothing that stood out to me on this very short chance thread. Also, you seem to be rather prejudice against criticism of anyone with a 2200 or better, an SAT score does not get you into college, it just gets you in the door.</p>

<p>And sprucemoose is right!</p>

<p>Again, good luck jglr!</p>

<p>Oh lexie, the poster has stellar science scores-MIT worthy, really, and fab grades, and good ecs. You will note I emphasized in my advise that the essay has to show personality.</p>

<p>I actually have a very good track record at "chancing", believe it or not...</p>

<p>I imagine you and SpruceMoose don't understand the point about the sex of the applicant is the interests, math, and science scores are relatively rare in female applicants.Williams would like to have a significant percentage of women math/hard science majors.</p>

<p>I am a guy and since posting this have been made president of the economics team, I do not have perfect EC but I think that being captain of the Academic team, president of the economics team and then secretary of Math honor society and SADD are good. @OldbatesieDoc is right that i would stand out more as a girl with my science and math scores, but i don't think it influences admissions against me greatly.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your help my ranking comes out soon so i will either comment or update this thread.
My Class size is 739 students and i expect to be around number 20.
My highschool has a pretty good track record with elite schools and last year we sent
4 to Harvard
1 to Yale
5 to Upenn
5 to Cornell
1 to Dartmouth
2 to Columbia
1 to Brown
0 to Princeton
1 to MIT
4 to Northwestern
1 to Johns Hopkins</p>

<p>and I don't know of any one that applied to Williams, Amherst, Middlebury or Swarthmore</p>

<p>You look like a good match, I could easily see you getting in! Scores and tests are solid and SAT 1s are very strong but not perfect. Academic rigor is tops. ECs show participation and some leadership but not outstanding leadership. Club sports good but a varsity sport the school supports would make you even more competitive. All these comments to me suggest a good match. Thats about the best that most people can do for Williams given the degree of competitiveness for admission spots. Some will be more qualified but thats life! Apply ED if you can.</p>

<p>Thanks! I am definitely applying ED. I visited for the first time in March to go see my sister play water-polo because williams was hosting a competition. This school was initially not on my radar at all and the only thing I knew when i first visited was that they were a good school and that they were liberal arts. I fell in love with the school and the atmosphere their seemed perfect. After my first visit I had given my information and was invited to an open house. At the open house I fell farther in love with the school and the area. A representative of the school came to my high school last week and reaffirmed all of my beliefs. I love the low pressure environment and cooperative environment they have created.</p>

<p>You have a good shot--if your recs and essays show a lot about your character and establish that you're not just a brain in a jar, you are a likely, imo (I'm a Williams alum).</p>

<p>So i just found out my rank to be 24 our of 739.</p>

<p>sorry for all the typos, i am not a good typist.</p>

<p>Make sure there are NO typos on your application or in your essays. Class rank doesn't improve or lessen your chances. Nice work, tho. Good luck!</p>

<p>I got deferred</p>

<p>Jglr67, I'm so sorry to hear that. The valedictorian at our school got rejected from MIT, Yale, Princeton, etc and he was a Siemens AP Scholar, had perfect math SAT, and plenty of extracurriculars. Sometimes the dice just don't roll your way.
Although waiting until April is certainly not ideal, you do get another chance. I hope you get in!</p>

<p>Where would i put a thread to chance me for my regular decision applications?</p>

<p>You can put it up here: What</a> Are My Chances? - College Confidential</p>

<p>And I know how it feels to get deferred (Brown ED)... it really, really stinks ... but you move on! The way I'm handling it is counting it as a rejection until April 1st and then becoming hopeful again! Until then, I'm counting it as an "even though you're qualified, the answer is no." While I know this sounds horrible, it actually makes me feel better and opened me up to other great schools!</p>

<p>thanks, brown is up there on my list as well good luck</p>