<p>I’m a junior, but I want to apply to Ohio State next year, I am OOS, Maryland. </p>

<p>Private School (Catholic)
GPA: 4.09 W, about a 3.6 UW
Almost all honors classes, where available. (EX: No honors PE or Band.)
Sophomore: AP US History (5)
Junior: Currently taking- AP European History, AP English Lang/Comp.
Senior Year: Will take- AP British Lit, AP World History, AP Computer Science, AP Psychology. (AP World may be subbed out for AP US Government)</p>

<p>SAT: 1810 (Sophomore year- retaking)
ACT- 28 (Sophomore year- retaking)</p>

It’s Academic! (Vice President, President next year- most likely)
Students for Life (Treasurer this year, most likely again next year.)
Marching Band (4 Years)
Pep Band (4 Years)
Worked for a political campaign (Governor) Sophomore year
Recipient of the Christian Character Award Sophomore Year (2/350 people chosen)
I have worked at the same summer/weekend job for 2 years now.
Over 100 hours of community service by next year.</p>

<p>Very, very high chance at getting in. I wouldn’t worry too much.</p>