<p>For: UPenn Early Decision, Cornell, NYU, and Dartmouth</p>

<p>AP Biology: 4
AP European History: 5
AP US Government & Politics: 5
AP Calculus AB/BC: 4 (self-studied)
AP Spanish Language: 5
AP English Literature & Comp: 5
APUSH: 5 (sef-studied)
AP Art History: 5 </p>

<p>Honors: Chemistry (B), Physics (A), Anatomy & Physiology (A), Biology (B), Spanish IV (A) (honors I, II not offered and skipped III), World History (A), U.S History (A), English I, II and III (As); Economics (A), Algebra II w/ Trig (A), Pre-Calculus (A) </p>

<p>Standard: Algebra I, Geometry</p>

<p>Honors not offered in: Spanish I & II, Marine Biology, all the Theology courses (and they were required)</p>

<p>Even more rigorous than the most rigorous courseload offered at my school (my school offers 8 APs, I actually took 6 of the classes and self-studied for three [AP Calc BC isn't offered at my school]) with the exception of Algebra I and Geometry</p>

<p>GPA: 4.6
SAT: 2230
SATII: Lit: 800, Spanish: 800, U.S History: 750</p>

-President of the Astronomy club
-President of the Spanish National Honor Society
-President and Founder of Future Veterinarians of America
-Science Olympiads
-Science National Honor Society,
-ASPCA volunteer
-Nursing home/hospital volunteer
-Diver and Junior Educator for a now well known Aquarium (the one in Dolphin Tale)
-Varsity Swimming, Soccer, Softball and JV Volleyball; Water Polo during the summer
-Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation
-Research on: Aquatic Medicine, Arctic Biology, and Arctic Meterology
-I know five languages: English, Spanish, Latin, French, and Danish (Greenlandic)
-Veterinary assistant/shadower
-Job at Barnes & Noble
-Fingerstyle guitar prodigy and composer
-Classical piano
-Reading tutor </p>


<p>AP Scholar with Distinction
National Merit Semi-Finalist</p>

<p>Only problems:
The Bs I have from freshman year due to a combination of immaturity, laziness, and 100% concentration on extracurriculars. I spent 8+ hours a day composing and playing the piano, because I thought that I was going to go to Juilliard. Hah.</p>

<p>Our Honors Chemistry class was extremely difficult, so I got a B for the first semester and I struggled in Geometry so I got a B for the first semester in that as well.</p>

<p>So to wrap it up, I'm just concerned about the few Bs that I have; mostly from freshman year.</p>

<p>Thanks for chancing!</p>

<p>... you'll get in Ivy Leagues... you're a fool if you think otherwise</p>

<p>your chance threads keep changing... and you're a sophomore, try it again when you're a senior..</p>

<p>Seahawks-I'm just trying to make up a resume that people will say </p>

<p>"solid chance"
"you're definitely in"</p>

<p>so that I can fulfill everything on that resume in the next couple of years. I want to find the right scores, etc so I can model after them.</p>

<p>Yeah I know it seems crazy but I am like obsessed with this</p>

<p>But I do know all of those languages and I am the president of the astronomy club. I am also in key club, science olympiads, I do all the music stuff that I listed, I am a candy-striper for the hospital, I do shadow vets around, but I'm waiting until I turn 16 to volunteer for the ASPCA and I'll be a junior educator in may. I'm also in all of the sports except for water polo. I'm doing that in this upcoming summer. I'll be in all the honor societies, but those don't come around until spring time. I have to wait until I'm 16 to be a diver and to do the research/sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation. so I will fulfill all of these ECs; but the time just hasn't come around yet for most of them.</p>

<p>I am sure that that will be my schedule. I already talked it over with my GC. </p>

<p>I just want to do the right thing! ahhh</p>

<p>Unless you do something stupid on your apps, you'll get into NYU and Cornell. Dartmouth and UPenn are crapshoots for everyone though.</p>

<p>1) Should be moved to chance threads (obviously dfree was rude about this)
2) Looks excellent; in at NYU, low match at Cornell with Dartmouth a low reach and Upenn ED a match. That said, you're worrying too much since you're a sophomore, and since you do have influence over your future transcripts I would shoot for all 5s on APs and get the SATs to a 2300+ range; if you're doing research I would look into Siemens, ISEF and Intel. That said, you're obsessing too much.</p>