<p>Basically my resume copied and pasted-
4.4 weighted
3.8 unweighted
Taken mostly honors classes
Junior Year- AP US History (5), AP Lang & Comp (4)
Senior Year- AP Lit & Comp, AP Psychology, AP Biology</p>

Durham Children’s Choir- Head youth volunteer, created music filing system, monitor breaks, take attendance, assist directors, will be conducting this year (2008-present)</p>

<p>Brazil Missions Trip, Chapel Hill Bible Church (CHBC), Teresina, Brazil- Worked with a school in the poorest state of Brazil, town is overrun by drugs and gang wars, worked with kids, built adult education center, funding for the school recently got cut and I'm heading fundraising to reopen the school (applying for grants, benefit concerts...) (2009 and 2011)</p>

<p>Victory Sports Camp: King’s Park International Church (KPIC)- Preschool volunteer, teach lessons/crafts, administrative duties, regulate snack breaks (2005-present)</p>

<p>Vacation Bible School CHBC - Theater/skit lessons, snack team, games, dance teacher (2005-present)</p>

<p>Theophilus - Christian club at DSA. partner with StopChildTrafficingNow- bake sale, walk fundraiser, led worship programs on campus</p>

I go to a public arts school where my concentration is Chorus. Some of my accomplishments in and outside of the classroom include:
Highest level choir, lead warm-ups and rehearsals, superior ratings at competitions in Raleigh, Orlando, New York City, invited to Caringe Hall, featured soloist in 2011 Showcase, founding member of a cappella club, Evening of Entertainment, All-County Chorus, NextStage show choir camp.</p>

Future Teachers of America- President
Library Youth Partners-Develop, perform read-a-loud story times, crafts, games in elementary after school/summer programs
Scholars to College- Free college preparation course for low income students at the Emily Krzyzewski Center, Leadership Award</p>

<p>My essay is about my heritage- I am half Puerto Rican and have limited contact with my Puerto Rican parent. Needs a little more tweaking.</p>

<p>I want to go to school for elementary education and international relations. I have contacts at Macalester through a personal visit at the Emily Krzyzewski Center. Chances of getting in?</p>