<p>Gender: Female
Race: White
In-State Applicant</p>

<p>UW GPA: 4.0
W GPA: 5.0</p>

<p>ACT: 27 individual, 28 super score.
SAT: 1800
11 AP Courses, the rest are Honors.</p>

<p>Community Service:
Animal Shelter: 24 hours.
Exercising/Rehabilitating Horses: Over 300 hours.</p>

Horseback Riding - fourteen years.
Mock Trial - two years as an A Team attorney, captain for one.
Relay for Life - two years, captain for one.
Business Ownership - Started my own browser based SIM game, have run it for three years.
Web Design/Programmer - Have programmed dozens websites for businesses and for personal use for four years.
Powder Puff - Became the only class to win both years.</p>

<p>Essay: Well above average, assuming.</p>

<p>Hook: First generation college.</p>

<p>I'd be very, very surprised if you did not get in. Your scores are probably the weakest part, but everything else is excellent.</p>

<p>Just for your information, UF does not superscore the ACT. UF does superscore the SAT. That being said, your chances are good although the SAT score would put you on the lower side of the accepted range. Last year the mean SAT was 1963. The essay will be important in the overall evaluation of your application. The projected number of applications for this admission cycle is 33,000, including those for Fall, Summer B and Spring. The projected number of acceptances is estimated to be about 11,000 aiming for a class size of 6,300. Last year the yield was slightly higher than targeted (6,500) so UF is calculating for a slightly lower enrollment number.</p>

<p>Its not possible to have a 5.0 weighted if you took any honors classes. The only way you can get a 5.0 is if the only classes you took were AP</p>

<p>One AP class weights your GPA +1, one Honors weights your GPA +.5. My friends who don't take classes online said it's the same thing at public school.
That wouldn't make any sense. No school offers enough AP classes to fill that amount of credits, and how would you account for required electives?</p>

Just for your information, UF does not superscore the ACT. UF does superscore the SAT.


<p>I thought they didn't. I included it just in case I got mixed up. I also applied Summer B, if even for a minute boost. But it seems like a lot of people are, so it might not matter.</p>

<p>Oh, and forgot to add. I raised $2,500 within a week or two to start up a local non profit that provides food, supplies and toys to the owners of pets who can't afford proper care.</p>

<p>Yeah you put your GPA as 5. Lets say you took 2 AP classses and 4 honors and 3 regular. Your weighted GPA is (5+5+4.5+4.5+4.5+4.5+4+4+4)/9</p>

<p>And I know you couldnt take all APs, I was just pointing out how impossible it was to have a 5.0 GPA</p>

<p>But it isn't? Where I live, and where I take my classes even one AP weights your grade 1 point. That's just how it is here. </p>

<p>It isn't like it matters much in any case, because a UF GPA goes up to a 4.0 and I have one. </p>

<p>The number one ranked student at the school assigned to my district has a 5.0 and has only taken two AP courses.</p>

<p>Different schools calculate GPAs differently. Some schools give 1 point to honors and 2 points for AP etc..</p>

<p>You don't have a 5.0 according to UF. and a UF gpa goes up to a 5.0</p>

<p>and your SAT is well below average.</p>