<p>Ok guys im doing sort of a "cautious chances" thing, so im not going to be super specific on things that could identify me because apparently admissions officers lurk here now.</p>

<p>but anyways</p>

<p>-im applying for the 10th grade at Pomfret, Deerfield, Taft, Tabor, St. Marks, NMH, Kent, and Middlesex.
-i row and swim. i would play volleyball at boarding school
-i get Bs and a few As at a top day school. you would likely know it if i said it.
-i debate, do newspaper, and latin club
-i do youth group (which has community service)
-i was captain of my school's field hockey team
-my erg scores are good, and i do a 4.5k erg test in 20 mins. split time: around 2:10
thats about it...</p>

<p>where do i stand a chance? some of the crew coaches have taken an interest in my rowing and they say i would be an asset, but i think they might just be saying that.</p>

<p>thanks in advance!</p>