<p>I am a White middle class in state applicant currently on a gap year. I'm applying as a physics major but am looking to change into an mechanical engineering major. I realize this is difficult...</p>


<p>UC GPA (10-11): 3.91 GPA Senior year maintained a 4.4
Uncapped GPA (10-11): 4.0
Class rank: 30/742
Attended large public high school with great academics. Most of my friends are attending Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UCSD, etc.
SAT I: 2010 single-sitting high (2080 ss)
SAT II: 750 USH, 710 Chem, 650 Math II(***?)
AP's (9 total): Art History (4), Comp. Pol. (4), Chem (5), USH (5), Eng. Lang. (4), US Gov (4), Calc BC (5), Calc AB sub score (5), Physics B (3), Eng. Lit. (4)</p>


<p>Lettered 2 years in football (Team Captain, Quarterback)
Lettered one year in basketball (starting power forward)
Founded Beta Club Charter at my high school (served as VP & P)
Member of like 5 clubs.
Lots of community service (300+)</p>


<p>AP National Scholar
AP Scholar w/ Distinction
CSF 3 years

<p>Essays & Recs:</p>

<p>I wrote in my PS about how my mothers cancer affected my life. Im a good writer (I think) so Im pretty sure itll boost my app. For the second PS about a talent or whatever I wrote how guitar translates to math. It was actually not bad.
I have two really good recs from my calc and lit teachers.</p>

<p>BTW I'd appreciate more chances directed toward the mechanical engineering major. Not to sound arrogant but I know my chances at letters and science are high. THANKS!</p>

<p>I'd say like 85% chance to get in?</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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