<p>Out of State - Maryland</p>

<p>Wtg GPA 4.08
UnWtg GPA 3.45
10 AP classes
ACT Eng 32 Math 26</p>

3 yr Varsity Cheer, 2x MVP, Sr. Co-Capt.
10 yr Gymnastics
10 yr Club Swim Team</p>

<p>English Honor Society
Arts Honor Society
Underclassmen Tutor</p>

<p>Looks like a competitive application. The major you are planning to go into will also affect your chances--Engineering and Architecture are the most competitive. If you fall into one of those categories, they will pay close attention to your math and science grades. (presumably calculus and physics) If you are strong in those areas then you're on the right track to getting accepted. </p>

<p>Write the essays and do a good job on them.</p>