<p>how do you all have such great ECs and awesome SAT scores? seriously i want to know bc i am working my ass off and i just took my psats and got a 1860 (im a sophomore)
650 reading 590 math and 620 writing so i would like some advice (I know they all definitely need to go up, especially math)</p>

-French Club Secretary Treasurer/Class rep.(this year as well as last)
-Student Gov't class rep (this year as well as last)
-founded F.L.Y.P. at my school-a french tutoring program for lower school students
-in the process of founding a model UN (just need to wait until next year to apply as a new team)
-Girls for Change board (this year as well as last)
-journalist for school newspaper (this year as well as last)
-Mock Trial (prosecutor) (this year as well as last)
-Latin Club member
-Spanish Club member
-PUB literary magazine member and website founder
-Cooking Club member and future president (the position has already been awarded to me once the senior in charge leaves)
i do makeup for all of the drama club's plays as well as participate in the sets crew</p>

<p>last year received the Physics award
ranked 9th in the country in the National French Contest in 8th grade and 7th in the state (for my level)
Honorable mention in Toshiba Exploravision contest (for physics) last year</p>

<p>i've had 7 years of piano lessons
have a job 8+ hours a week</p>

<p>already guaranteed college recommendation from my english teacher (last year and next year bc I'll be in his honors class)</p>

<p>also i play 2 sports squash and lacrossed and i'm on JV for both, most likely varsity next year
i also do 2-3 hours of community service weekly
i'm in 4/5 honors classes offered at my school at my grade level:
US History 10 H
Latin 2 H
Chem 10 H
Math 10 H
i would be in french 3 H except due to scheduling conflicts i had to be in the CP class
and im in English 10 bc honors isn't offered sophomore year
i also take italian 1 outside of school and am currently searching for chinese lessons in my community</p>

<p>im not sure of my class rank but its definitely in the top 8 out of 54 and my gpa is something between a 3.65 and 3.8</p>

<p>what more should i do to get myself into an ivy league school? is this a good start as a sophmore?</p>

<p>the gpa is a bit low for columbia.. but since you still have a few years to go, pull that up. you ecs are good and broad but doesnt really show what you like or who you are.. in a sense kind of scattered. Again you still have alot of time to find what you like and work on it.</p>

<p>also done limit youself to ivies. there are alot of good schools out there, and college search is about finding a school that fits you, not a school with a big name.</p>