<p>SAT: 1900 (570 CR 660 M 670 W)
GPA: 93 out of 100
Rank: School Does Not Rank
Other stats: 2 AP's , 9 Honors Classes
Essays: Pretty Good
Teacher Recs: Pre Calc Honors Teacher, Italian Honors 1-4 Teacher
Counselor Rec: Probably Pretty Good
Location/Person: US
State or Country: NJ
School Type: Catholic Private
Ethnicity/Race: European
Gender: Male
Other Factors: A's and B's.
• Football Team 9-12 Grade
• Yearbook Club (10-12 Grade) President in 12th Grade
• National Italian Honors Society (12th grade)
• National Honors Society (11th and 12th grade)
• Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honors Society (12th grade)
• Eucharistic Minister (12th Grade)
• Rec Basketball (11th and 12th Grade)
• Italian Tutor and Teacher's Assistant (12th Grade)
• Over 100 Hours of Community Service</p>

<p>Applied Early Action to Business School</p>


<p>What are the stats for students that get deferred?</p>

<p>3.2 UW and 2070 on SATs (780M, 640CR, 650W) with accelerated courses (second highest level, max gpa of 4.5) and 2 honors courses this year (AP enviro, H international relations) deferred from VSB</p>

<p>Also, what is the percent of students that are waitlisted?</p>